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Prayers For You


Praying is essential each and everyday. We all go through things in our lives, which need an intervention from God above, and for us to be able to get through each and everyday we need Prayer!

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Inspiring Quotes


Heaven is knowing deep in your soul how you were conceived and how you were bathed in loved. It is tapping unto the endless reserve of mercy and grace when shadows come looming over you. It is knowing that however great the challenges ahead seem to be, there is a Higher Power that will see you through

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Prayer Tips


Praying the Beatitudes, we would ask that the Lord would help us to be poor in spirit that we might receive the kingdom of Heaven, that we might mourn over the sinful condition of our world in order to receive His comfort, that we might be gentle and thus inherit the earth.

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Just who is God

Welcome: Our Newly Re-Designed Website

“Heavens Beauty’s Sister” website, thank you so much for coming! It really means so much that you stopped by, out of all the “Wonderful Christian Websites” out on the Internet you chose to stop by, Thanks so Very Much!

Here on this site, you will have access to other’s prayers, prayers you can pray and even print. There will be Testimonies from other’s and yes, even myself, because Jesus has done so much for me I have to tell it !!

If, you are needing Prayer, we can pray with you live through “Our New Live Chat” If, we are not Online at the time we will have a way for you to contact us, whether thru Instant Messaging, Text, Email, Support Prayer Link, or thru one of Our Facebook Groups!

As, we get this website up and going, we are still currently working to update the code on the main Heavens Beauty, so please bare with us as we design and redesign both web sites. We are hoping to have a live Chat system where we can pray for other’s live and a messaging system, which can be used for other’s to also pray with you, in case we are not online.

I am in hopes when completed that this website will be a Blessing to you and you will want to come back everyday to both.

Thanks Again So Very Much and May God Richly Bless You & Keep You and Your Family Safe!


Latest Updates


Added some Cool Free Stuff for you to enjoy and maybe pass to others! . more…


Added some Prayers which you can pray or can post to Social Media.  more…

Prayer Community

NOTE: What we don’t do

Just who is God He is so awesome and Big His the great I am His everything all wrapped up into one

We do NOT fill our website with loads of ads and banners, we do NOT have anyway on this website to collect any personal data, if there is services or products we may add, that data is secured on the payment processors website, Not this website. We only share the GOOD Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ! We may add some affiliate links to Christian Books, etc. but it will NOT be anything that requires you to be bombarded with useless ads or popups, or a bunch of ways to get you to subscribe to loads of newsletters, etc.

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