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Tender Heart is A Gift

We then create with God’s help a tender – heart a gifted– heartTender Heart is A Gift

2 Kings 22:19

We all know when we have been mistreated we tend to put our guards up and we soon become watchful and this hardness soon settles in. I will admit I have been that way, I have been beaten, lied to lied on, starved, mentally abused and physically abused verbally abused, raped several times, stalked, used stolen from, cheated on, cursed at called names many times. I am not guiltless I out this wall up I thought would stop me from getting hurt again.

I used to be fun, out going, stress free, depression free, a bouncer backer, and due to all the trauma and abuse I have been through and went through I have lost my way so to speak.

I always loved people and always forgiving , I still have some problems on letting go. But, I know God has given me a heart of love for everyone and I always do my best to be the best I can possibly be. It’s hard, but I do try.

The best ironic part is, all those whom have hurt me and abused me –– I’ve forgiven them along time ago, right after they have hurt me. God, put that in me, and those which don’t forgive have gotten a calloused heart.

Huldah, the prophetess is 2 Kings 22:19, spoke for the Lord and declared that King Josiah had a tender heart. And, having a tender heart, means forgiving those who have wronged you and is equal to having a tender heart and conscience, which is very vital for us being used by God.

It’s way to destruction is to have a hard heart, those with a hard heart become careless and calloused in their lives, their thinking and they become cold and God can’t reach them, He cant work in their lives!

Developing a tender heart, we have to become forgiving, we have to become soft by repenting immediately by asking God to help us not to become hard-hearted and to help us to become better and help us to be tender and forgiving of all those who hurt us and wronged us.

There are no excuses, God knows what you will tell Him even before you try to come up with every excuse you can think of.

With God, there is no excuses, He doesn’t give you any kind of excuses and we shouldn’t give Him any either.

If, we mistreat someone, we should immediately ask for forgiveness and not go without repenting of it, because when we do, little by little we become hard – hearted and calloused.

Instead, we need to repent and we can become a gifted person by having a tender – heart. God, doesn’t care what all talents we have, even though He did give them to us. His main concern is our hearts, our willing and loving, caring and forgiving hearts.

We then create with God’s help a tender – heart a gifted– heart. The devil has no place inside of us to destroy our inner being, and it’s up to us to place him in his place.

Ask, God to give you a Loving – Forgiving – Tender – Heart, and He will give it to you, He will help us and this world needs allot of loving, caring, forgiving gift of a tender heart.

Always, ask God to help you, and give you the heart He wanted so much to give you. Because God is gracious and He wants us to be Gracious to!

This is a part of Learning How God is and following Him. We all need to be anxious to follow Him and read His word, because it helps us to grow and how we can have a tender heart. It helps us in everyway and area in our lives. It helps us to walk and talk the talk and feel in the ways He feels. 2 Kings 23:1-3