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Real Testimonies 2013 -1

These are real "Testimonies" from Real People who have experienced "God's Mercy and Grace" in their lives.These are real “Testimonies” from Real People who have experienced “God’s Mercy and Grace” in their lives. These here are from my life in the 1990’s and in 1984.

I have asked their permission to post their “real life testimonies” in hopes that they may help other’s who may be going through the same things in their lives.

If, you have a Testimony which you would like to share please let me know. You can connect with me on FB/ Heavens-Beauty & Wisdom of Jesus! Thank You and May God Richly Bless You!  (PS I am still re-editing code ( I am now learning Word Press so some may look distorted a little but they are getting fixed 🙂 )

Patricia From: Montgomery Al


When I accidentally taken some expired muscle relaxers…. that had expired a few months before, which I was not aware of; at that time.

My Brother had died I believe in 1983,of cancer of the “Pancreas” and skin cancer; which was from “GAIN-GREEN” he was always, using drugs, and drinking all the time .

And the, Doctor’s don’t know how my Brother was hanging on in the “hospital” so-so long; but he was. He was waiting on his “Christian friend” which I believe was a pastor from the church, they said; that his blood pressure was so, low; that they just didn’t know how he was holding -on.


But it, seems that he wanted to make sure; that he was “RIGHT” with the LORD ,before he left…this world.

But, when I was notified; that he had to be taken…back to the “Hospital” a few minutes before I had arrived…he “DIED”

I remember going into the “room” where he was; and I hugged-him, and I started crying…remembering…that, they had to practically; pull-me-off, of, my Brother because I just did not want to believe he was gone.

But, I do; remember someone telling me; come one “Trisha” don’t make a scene, and someone took me. out into the “hall” of the hospital

I remember; being very upset…but, no-matter what he has ever done to me; I forgave him…and Butch (JOHN G. KUNKLE) I know you’re in “HEAVEN” watching, and reading this; as I write and send this to other’s over the “INTERNET” “I LOVE YOU BROTHER……and, I FORGIVE YOU!”

Part 2


Please, As You read this next-part; try to “Visualize” what is, happening here!

After, I took those; expired “muscle relaxer’s” this is; what “REALLY HAPPENED TO ME” so, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and WITH AN OPEN-MIND.

When I finally fell asleep; I remember, something getting real-pitch black; and, I got so, scared; because I was entering into “HELL.”

And, there was this dark tunnel.. and I couldn’t stop falling and I couldn’t scream my heart was pounding-hard and I could not see anything.

And, I was looking; all around me; in fear, I seen these walls; that looked-like….ridges, twirling all around ,and as I was getting closer; I can hear “screaming” and I was more frightened; as I was falling into this darkness, I kept feeling…heat, that was lighting, the tunnel as I was falling-into it.

And, I could hear more; people screaming and pleading for someone to get them-out!

But, I knew where they were; as well, as where I was going….“HELL” and there is-no-way; out of “HELL”; once you are there……that is it! “FINAL DESTINATION”and there was no-way-out at all!

I knew this, and “THANKS” to my “PARENTS” they let us girls know what it was, and you’ll never, ever get-out; when you go-there.

That’s, what I wasn’t understanding, “how can I be here” but, I knew why….I was not living the way I should’ve been then, and I was going to this awful; place if I did not “GET-IT-TOGETHER.”

But, that is one thing that did not make any-sense; EXCEPT THAT…I KNEW I WAS IN “HELL.”


I was; going down that, “DARK-TUNNEL”…as, I said; and the “screaming”..“PLEASE, LET ME – OUT”..(vaguely) REMEMBER…. And, then, I was being laid – down; on this; conveyor-type-belt” it was, hard….and made of; some- kind-of; light-colored stone; a big “huge” rock, and, it was moving…..and I do remember…. there was; I believe; 2-3 people; taking all my wedding – rings; off my hands, my watch.

I, remember; telling them…NO, you can’t take those; those are mine. And, then I was; being conveyed-down….this; thing again, and, they were taking my clothes, and I seen, all these other people; they had on, “poorly soiled, stained, worn-out, ragged, filthy pants, shirts, dresses, that looked-like, they had been burnt; and they was going to put these things, on me….no-way.

But, that “really” confirmed where I was……All, these people were moving around, as if; nothing was happening and going-on; well, I don’t even think; they knew where they were; just that it; was “BURNING-UP” wherever they were, is all they knew; they were just acting; so, “Normal.”

They were TALKING and there were, lot’s that were; “PLEADING” for someone; to let them-out; and, noone was listening to them. And, the “SCREAMS”, was so, very high pitched, and, was so-horrifying.

And, I was ready, to get-out; of there, I didn’t want to be there; I knew that this was where I didn’t want to be; when they were through; putting….these awful, sticky clothes on me; I was; being conveyed again; but this time….I was not getting-off; I was going “straight” through the “FIRE OF HELL” the “FIRE & BRIMSTONE” and, I remember trying so, hard to “Scream” but, still nothing was “coming” out of my mouth.

I remember; it being like; a “ROUND OPEN CAVE-LIKE; TUNNEL, “OPENING OF A WHOLE-TUNNEL GOING INTO A WALL , and Then I tried; to scream again but, still, I couldn’t.


I was coming back; at that time; because I was still; trying to “scream” and I still couldn’t, I could not move at all; and I was trying to nudged-my-ex-husband “Jimmy” at that time; but, no-words was coming from my mouth

But, I was “Freezing” and I was trying to get-out; of the bed, but, I was unable to move; any-part of my body, and that just-by-itself; made me more frightened I was, so cold; I was “FROZE” in my opinion.

I tried, to open my eyes and couldn’t even do that; and, then I really was scared I was still; trying to speak; and, was unable to; I kept; trying to wake-up my ex-husband; Jimmy, again….and, he wouldn’t wake-up. I WAS SO-SCARED; I WAS ACTUALLY DYING.

I kept’ trying to move, and finally I was able to move; my body; enough to be able to; get-out; of that bed.

And, I remember; I was trembling and I went into, the kitchen and, the way the house was, as, you come-out of the bedroom, you can see; directly at a window facing you; and there were; all these “GHOST” that was screaming and hollering they were banging on my windows and, there were several.

I ran-over to the window; and shut the blind, and they went to the kitchen windows, and started banging again, so, I went and shut those; I sat, down and started; staring all-over the living room, and kitchen, and all the sudden; I heard, this; screaming again and, I looked behind me, and there were, so-many people there; banging and screaming at me; to let them in, and, I wouldn’t; instead, I shut that blind real fast, and I sat, down….facing all the windows.

And, I just; kept looking….all, around me. And ,my heart was pounding I know 1000 miles an hour; and,….I Knew; that there was a VERY good reason why, I was going through this; and, what had happened to me; was REAL and “GOD” was letting me know; that if, I did not “get my act together” that that was; “where I was headed.”



Dear Heavenly Father, I come with a heavy heart to you, I know I haven’t lived the way I should’ve been, I know you came to this earth for me and to die for me shed your precious blood for me. I admit I am a sinner, I am very sorry for all my sins, Jesus please come into my heart and remove the sins of my being. Father Jesus, I ask that you cover me with your precious blood and cleanse me from head to toe, and come into my heart and dine with me, sit with me, talk to me, I know that you are the only begotten son for God and I admit to you and others that You Are my Lord and Savior and Thank You for coming in to my heart and releasing me from all my sins. In Jesus Name Amen Amen!

If, you prayed that prayer or even said one of your own, will you let us know that you accepted Jesus as your Personal Savior so we can rejoice with you and pray for you!

May God Bless You and Keep You, and send us your testimony so we can add it here!

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