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Do You Go To Psychics

Never tell things you know someone asks you not to always respect another person's trust and the confidence they have in you“Do You Go To Psychics”

There are so many people in this world who do this daily and consider themselves Christians which participate faithfully to so much occult like activities that God considers evil, and vile.

They seriously think innocently that there is nothing at all wrong with mediums, wizards, fortune tellers, palm readers, horoscopes, Psychics, tarot card readers, divination’s, witchcraft, channeling, etc. and they wonder all the time why they never seem to have any peace in their lives.

The Bible, states in the latter days many false prophets and teachers will rise up and people will be told what they want to hear, even though what they say is all lies.

So many people lose their sight of true peace, they can’t trust in God long enough. They search and search for one teacher after another who will tell them the news, they want so much to hear to suit their own needs and desires, and then they turn their backs on the source that will never teach them wrong.

But yet they would rather believe in someone or something which will carry them right to hell, and they think they are hearing the truth and they wander off listening to a bunch of hog wash from myths and man-made factious mess and all lies. Read 2 Timothy 4:3,4

Just like on TV there has been a blow out on the BIO Channel about ghosts, mediums, psychics where it’s just makes me so sick to think that people actually believe in this mess, people are so gullible and so mislead to listen to this mess. If they would take the time to read the Bible, they would find out that the DEAD CANNOT TALK or WALK OR HEAR!

It is so sad that these people believe that their dead loved ones are reaching out and speaking to them through these evil ways, but they can’t, and they won’t.

There has been so, so many which listen to these psychics, mediums, whether it be through the phone, TV, radio, websites —- who knows what and where else, they are so gullible, people out there will spend hundreds of dollars to them but refuses to give to the Lord, now isn’t that something?

They would rather spend their hard earned cash on something evil and of the occult and paying more money to hear more of this mess, then help someone or give to God and His kingdom, they actually believe by doing this they can actually hear from their loved ones, and all that is , is the ones giving the useless reading is taking them for their money and that is also evil.

Mediums, Psychics, Fortune tellers, Horoscopes, etc. do actually communicate with familiar spirits who only tell part truths about the past and future which is still a bunch of mess and occult and evil.

God clearly and plainly says, to turn away from mediums, wizards, fortune tellers, palm readers, horoscopes, Psychics, tarot card readers, divination’s, witchcraft, channeling, etc. all are forbidden in God’s Word. Leviticus 19:31

We are to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit; we don’t need a phony substitute when we actually have the REAL THING AVAILABLE!!!!

Just like Coke Cola…. Jesus is the REAL THING and so Is The Father God—- Repent of these evil practices and you will see that there is nothing like The Real Thing Jesus, repent and you will have DIVINE PEACE!!!!!