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Renouncing Satan and His Demons Over Our World 3

Renouncing Satan and His Demons Over Our WorldRenouncing Satan and His Demons Over Our World

I RENOUNCE you satan In Jesus Name to remove yourself from all government and the people of this world. I REBUKE you In Jesus Name satan, from tearing and ripping America apart, In Jesus’ Name, you have to loose yourself from all that I say.

In Jesus Name I REBUKE you satan and all your evil doers from our governments all around the world, I command you to remove yourself from their minds, their families, right now In Jesus’ Name I REBUKE YOU ,you have been RENOUNCED from all that is God’s.

In Jesus Name I REBUKE you I RENOUNCE all your evil , your lies, right now In Jesus Name you get out, leave this minute In Jesus Name satan I bind you you back yourself up, your time has come you have to leave this world and our leaders alone IN JESUS NAME I REBUKE YOU SATAN ALL THAT YOU ARE!

I REBUKE YOU satan, you get yourself out of here, away from GODS people, we RENOUNCE you and we command you to flee go back to Hell where you have come from and take your evil demons with you In Jesus Name!

In Jesus Name satan WE REBUKE YOU and RENOUNCE any BAD HEALTH which is upon GODS People, we COMMAND YOU right here and right now, to REMOVE YOURSELF In Jesus’ Name!

You are a liar, a thief, a deceiver, conniver, a murderer, sick being, In Jesus Name WE COME TOGETHER AND WE REBUKE YOU RIGHT NOW WE RENOUNCE ALL EVIL WHICH YOU HAVE PUT UPON THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE make yourself SCARCE and make sure you carry your evil demons with you…. In Jesus Name We come against you satan, We CLAIM THE POWER OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST OVER ALL OF US AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!

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