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Trishas Creations Copyright

Trisha’s Creations brought to you by: Patricia Burnette of Magee, Ms / Montgomery Al

Trisha’s Creation’s, which is a part of Bapmnservices, among other websites, brings you a Beautiful Web Site Re-Inspired by the “Lord Jesus Christ”.

Back in 1998, I created this website and I felt in my heart that the Lord wanted me to “reconstruct” it and add much more needed helpful information in order to help those who want to know Him, and that Need Him, and maybe needs prayer.

All Content on “Heaven’s Beauty / Trisha’s Creation’s / Wisdom of Jesus” is owned by: Heaven’s Beauty / Trisha’s Creation’s / Wisdom of Jesus “Patricia Burnette”

Heaven’s Beauty / Trisha’s Creation’s / Wisdom of Jesus, The Images, cannot be taken, nor it’s content copied. We reserve the right to protect Our Material which we created and / or found our self. Some, of the information which is on this website, I did research several years ago, and I have used it, and done more research and have learned from experience and have included my experiences and what I needed help with.

If, for some reason you see “Our Work” somewhere other than this site here or the Main site “Heavens Beauty.Info” Please inform us of this problem.

We Pray that this site really makes you eager to Live for the Lord and I Pray it blesses you beyond all you and I can imagine.
God Bless You
Patricia Burnette

May God Bless You & Keep You and Your Family Safe!

Heavens Beauty Prayer Web Site

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