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Resisting Your Temptations

Samson had this amazing strength which God gave himResisting Your Temptations

Judges 13:24 , 15:30

We read about Samson and truthfully we can learn allot from him. Samson had this amazing strength which God gave him, all his strength, his ability and all his might was all tied to Samson’s obedience to God.

God, plainly told Samson, not to cut his hair, and he promised him as long as he obeyed him, he would have special strength and be able to do awesome feats.

But, of course satan had to stick his big fat nose in and wanted to weaken Samson, so he sent temptation to him by a woman named Delilah. Everyday she kept bothering him to reveal his strength to her, the secret for his strength.

So, eventually Samson ended up “vexed” he finally gave in to Delilah and told his secret to his strength.Judges 16:15-17. So while Samson was sleeping, Delilah cut his hair, she robbed him of his strength.

Satan, is evil and he comes to rob us, and he uses our weaknesses to destroy us. He tries to keep his attacks going in hopes he can wear us out. This is what he did to Samson, he had a weakness for women, satan knew this, and he used it against Samson.

Just like, satan does to us, he uses our weaknesses to try to destroy us, and I am here today to tell you I know he does and he knows I know his tricks now so he don’t bother me half as much as he used to Satan, will keep on trying to take advantage of us, using the weaknesses we have to bring us down to our knees and destroy us from once we were, to someone we wasn’t meant to be.

My weaknesses, that I believe I have left is cigarettes and I ask God to help me all the time to help me quit. But, the devil knows this, my weaknesses and he does use this against me. But, the reason I let this out, is because I need serious prayers for this weakness I have, and divine intervention. I have tried all forms of help trying to quit. So, please pray for me.

If, we are aware of our weaknesses, we need to pray regularly for God to help us. We shouldn’t wait until we do it, or given in, we should always ask Him to help us before hand.

Jesus, told His disciples to pray that they come not into temptation, and He said to them, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26:41. Jesus, never told them that temptations would not come.

He said to pray that they would not give in when their temptations comes. We all are tempted and some are tempted more than others, God will give us the ability to resist if we will be faithful to pray for His help and His strength to recognize and resist the attacks of satan.

Ask, God to continue to help you each time satan tries to overcome your weaknesses! God will help you, He is Faithful!