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Statement of Faith

I believe in the Blood of Jesus, I believe He died and rose again after 3 days. I believe He was alive and still is Alive. I believe that Jesus is the One and Only Way to Heaven. I believe that He bore His stripes and shed His blood not just for me but for the World.

Jesus, is the One and Only perfect person whom ever lived and always will be. I believe that He gives us the Holy Spirit to work in us, to bring us closer to Him. I am not perfect and never have claimed to be, but one thing I know is “Jesus was and Is” He lived then and He lives now.

Jesus, had suffered then and was tempted by the devil himself, and He walked the earth and He is still pouring out His spirit in this cruel and mean world.

I do believe that Jesus is Coming again, and He will take us away from all this evil and we will Reign with Him forever more!

There is Only “ONE GOD” and that is The Lord Jesus Christ! There is no other Gods! Jesus Christ was born to bring us Life. He was not born to Condemn the World but to save us! He was born of the Virgin Mary!

Jesus, is the only way to get to Heaven and He died for Us ALL, and He will Reign forever More!

I do believe in “The Second Coming” of the Lord Jesus Christ and He is soon coming again. If, you do Not Know Jesus Christ, please say this Prayer here by clicking this Link >>>> Pray The Sinners Prayer