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370 Kinds of Sins Committed Meanings in Scripture 1

 370 Kinds of Sins Committed & Recorded in Scripture











“370 Kinds of Sins Committed Meanings in Scripture”

So, I thought you would like to know about all the sins, in which was committed and recorded in scriptures in the Bible days, and in which we see many committing to this day. There are 2 Pages to this Topic. This page which list’s them and another one which those that may be confusing to other’s I have listed their meanings to some, the ones in which are self-explanatory are not listed. I am still working on this, there is allot to place on here , so please be patient!

 370 Kinds of Sins Committed Meanings in Scripture

1. Eating of Tree of Knowledge  Garden of Eden in the Bible Adam & Eve

General Wickedness

the quality of being evil or morally wrong “the wickedness of the regime” evil, sin, evildoing, sinfulness, iniquity, vileness, baseness, badness, wrongdoing, dishonesty, unscrupulousness, roguery, villainy, viciousness, degeneracy, depravity, immorality, vice, corruption, corruptness, devilry, fiendish
3. Drunkenness the state of being intoxicated, intoxication, inebriation, insobriety, tipsiness, impairment

Defiance of God  

the act or an instance of defying ,disposition to resist, willingness to contend or fight, refusing to obey


the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth, deception, deceitfulness, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, cheating, trickery, chicanery, deviousness, slyness, wiliness, guile, bluff, lying, pretense, treachery


intense dislike or ill will, racial hatred loathing, hate, detestation, dislike, distaste, abhorrence, abomination, execration.

Taking Advantage of Others

taking advantage of something or someone of good position or condition that helps to make someone or something better or more likely to succeed than others

Sodomy – Homosexuality

anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex copulation with an animal –Homosexuality–the quality or state of being homosexual–erotic activity with another of the same sex. Sexual interest in and attraction to members of one’s own sex. Female homosexuality is frequently referred to as lesbianism, the word gay is often used as an alternative for both“homosexual” and “lesbian,” though it may refer specifically to male homosexuality, homosexual behavior has variously been encouraged, approved of, tolerated, punished, and banned. If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them.( Leviticus 20:13) KJV


sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry, the statutory crime of such a relationship.


marked by or containing falsehoods, false, dishonest, mendacious, untruthful.


an unhappy or angry feeling of wanting to have what someone else has.


unconsented sex, someone who forces themselves on someone else to have sexual relations which has refused

Plotting Murder

someone who is planning to commit a crime of some sort, to make plans.


painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage, obsolete, malice to feel a desire to have what someone else has, to feel envy because of (someone or something)


behavior or speech that makes fun of someone or something in a hurtful way : mocking behavior or speech, a bad or useless copy of something,


taking a child, or adult, by force without their consent or parents or guardians consent, against court orders etc.


voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband, sex between a married person and someone who is not that person’s wife or husband


a low sound made when many people are speaking, a quiet expression of an opinion or feeling, speech or a way of speaking that is quiet and soft.


an effort by many people to change the government or leader of a country by the use of protest or violence, open opposition toward a person or group in authority, refusal to obey rules or accept normal standards of behavior, dress, etc.

Bearing false Witness

marked by or containing falsehoods, false, dishonest, mendacious, untruthful against others telling false facts, etc.


the worship of a picture or object as a god, adulation, deification, hero worship, worship, idolization, worshipping.


great disrespect shown to God or to something holy, something said or done that is disrespectful to God or to something holy, the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God, the act of claiming the attributes of deity, irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable

Despising God

to dislike (something or someone) very much.

Breaking Sabbath


Provoking God

causing mild anger, charged, edgy, exciting, inciting, instigating, instigative, piquing, provocative, stimulating.


feeling or showing a very strong desire for something that you do not have and especially for something that belongs to someone else, acquisitive, avaricious, avid, coveting, greedy, grabby, grasping, mercenary, money-grubbing, rapacious.



Forsaking God

to renounce or turn away from entirely, abandon, desert, leave, maroon, quit, strand

Rejection of God

contradiction, denegation, disallowance, disavowal, disclaimer, disconfirmation, negation, denial, repudiation.

Breaking God’s Covenant

to separate (something) into parts or pieces often in a sudden and forceful or violent way, to cause to separate into two or more pieces, open suddenly especially because of pressure from inside.

Making Leagues with Heathens

an association of nations or other political entities for a common purpose, an association of persons or groups united by common interests or goals, a group of sports teams that regularly play one another, any of various units of distance from about 2.4 to 4.6 statute miles, an informal alliance

Refusing to Destroy Altars


Immoral Acts & Idols

not morally good or right : morally evil or wrong, conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles.

Bowing to Gods

bowing down to worship gods or people or statues, example buddas,

Turning Quickly out of Way


Breaking the Commandments

to ignore, not to go by, not to acknowledge of, not to use, or hold up laws

Corrupting Selves

to cause (someone or something) to become dishonest, immoral,to change (something) so that it is less pure or valuable, change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions

Serving Gods

to serve others, or serve God cannot serve both


concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself, seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others, arising from concern with one’s own welfare or advantage in disregard of others


refusing to change your ideas or to stop doing something, adamant, adamantine, bullheaded, dogged, hard, hardened, hardheaded, hard-nosed, headstrong, immovable, implacable, inconvincible, inflexible, intransigent, mulish, obdurate, opinionated, ossified, pat, pertinacious, perverse, pigheaded, self-opinionated, self-willed, stiff-necked, obstinate, unbending, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, willful.

Forgetting God

leaving out of life, not to remember, to leave alone.

Making Men Abhor – God

dislike (something or someone) very much,hate, abominate, despise, detest, execrate, loathe.

Looking into Ark


Turning aside After Lucre

money or profit

Taking Bribes

something valuable (such as money) that is given in order to get someone to do something, money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgement or conduct of a person in a position of trust.

Perverting Judgement

to change (something good) so that it is no longer what it was or should be,to cause (a person or a person’s mind) to become immoral or not normal,to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right.

Eating of Blood


Rejecting the Word of God

to refuse to believe, accept, or consider (something), decline, disallow, disapprove, negative, nix, refuse, deny, reprobate, withhold, to refuse to allow.

Practicing Witchcraft

actively engaged in a specified career or way of life, daily, on going.

Intruding into A Priests Office

to come or go into a place where you are not wanted or welcome, to become involved with something private in an annoying way, to thrust or force in or upon someone or something especially without permission.

Driving Men from their Inheritance and true Leadership


Causing Division Among God’s People

divide, partition, separation, separator, to cause trouble and to cause division in the churches to separate.

Sowing Seeds of Hatred

to cause fear, doubt, to affect many people, intense dislike or ill will, racial hatred” loathing, hate, detestation, dislike, distaste, abhorrence, abomination, execration.

Despising Husband

to dislike something or someone very much.

Making Other’s Drunk


Building High Places


Imitating True Worship

to make or do something the same way as something else, to do the same thing as (someone), to follow as a pattern, model, or example, to produce a copy, ape, copy, copycat, emulate, mime, mimic, someone’s or behavior, sound, appearance.

Making Images


Making Groves


Fearing Other Gods


Walking in Status of Heathens

barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, savage, heathenish, natural, rude, uncivil, uncivilized, uncultivated, wild.

Burning Incense to Gods


Refusal to Hear God

an act of saying or showing that you will not do, give, or accept something, an act of refusing, refused, refusal.


having or showing no kindness or sympathy for other people, affectless, callous, case-hardened, cold-blooded, compassionless, desensitized, hard-boiled, hard-hearted, heartless, indurate, inhuman, inhumane, insensate, insensitive, ironhearted, merciless, obdurate, pachydermatous, pitiless, remorseless, ruthless, slash-and-burn, soulless, stony (also stoney), stonyhearted, take-no-prisoners, thick-skinned, uncharitable, unfeeling, unmerciful, unsparing, unsympathetic.


the quality of people who have too much pride in their own appearance, abilities, achievements, quality of being vain, such as a belief or a way of behaving which shows that you have too much pride in yourself, your social status, something that is vain, empty, or valueless, amour proper, bighead, complacency, conceit, conceitedness, ego, egotism, pomposity, pompousness, pride, pridefulness, self-admiration, self-assumption, self-conceit, self-congratulation, self-esteem, self-glory, self-importance, self-love, self-opinion, self-satisfaction, smugness, swelled head, swell headedness, vain gloriousness, vainglory, vainness, complacence.

Making Human Sacrifices



the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers, unusual insight, intuitive perception.


a feeling of being attracted by something interesting, pretty, the state of being enchanted
,a quality that attracts and holds your attention by being interesting, pretty, a magic spell, abracadabra, bewitchment, charm, conjuration, spell, glamour (also glamor), hex, incantation, invocation, whammy.

Worshipping Planets

the act of showing respect and love for a god especially by praying with other people who believe in the same god, the act of worshipping God or a god, a person or thing of importance —used as a title for various officials, planets, stars, wizards, excessive admiration for someone, or something, adulation, deification, hero worship, idolatry, idolization, worshipping.

Observing Times


Traffic With Demons

to follow and worship with an evil spirit, a person who has a lot of energy or enthusiasm, something that causes a person to have a lot of trouble or unhappiness, cacodemon, devil, fiend, ghost, ghoul, ghoulie, imp, shaitan

Consulting Wizards

talking to professional or expert advice, of or relating to consultation or a consultant that looks to the stars, or mediums etc.

Seduction to Sin

the act of persuading someone to have sex with you, something that interests and attracts people, to entice others to do something that is forbidden, allurement, enticement, lure, temptation.

Refusing to Humble Self

showing you are proud, always thinking of yourself as better than other people,always given or said in a way that shows you think you are better than other people, always showing that you think of yourself better than other people,


a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people, a feeling that you are more important or better than other people, a feeling of happiness that you get when you or someone you know does something good, difficult, the quality or state of being proud, inordinate self-esteem, conceit, a reasonable or justifiable self-respect, delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship, proud or disdainful behavior or treatment, ego, pridefulness, self-esteem, self-regard, self-respect.

Destruction of Holy Things

burning, throwing away, tearing up, smashing, things of God and religions, tearing down, demolishing.

Closing Place of Worship

shutting down, demolishing, locking up, boarding up.

Making Altars to Gods


Turning Backs on God

not acknowledging Him, and turning to sinful ways, doing your own thing.

Despising God’s Word

to dislike (something or someone) very much.


lack of reverence, an irreverent act or utterance, defilement, desecration, impiety, blasphemy, profanation, sacrilege.

Inter — Racial Marriages

of, involving, or designed for members of different races, those which was not born in same culture.

Turning God’s Glory to Shame

a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have because you know you have done something wrong, ability to feel guilt, or embarrassment, dishonor or disgrace, contriteness, contrition, penitence, remorse, remorsefulness, repentance, rue, self-reproach.

Loving Vanity



having a sexual relationship with someone who is not your wife, husband, or partner, not accurate, not adhering to vows, allegiance, or duty, disloyal, false, fickle, inconstant, perfidious, recreant, traitorous, treacherous, faithless, untrue.

Inward Wickedness

situated on the inside, inner, of or relating to the mind or spirit inward peace, absorbed in one’s own mental or spiritual life, devilishness, devilment, devilry or deviltry, diablerie, espièglerie, hob, impishness, knavery, mischievousness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan(s), waggery, waggishness, mischief.

Vileness of Speech

evil or immoral, very bad or unpleasant, morally despicable or abhorrent, nothing is so vile as intellectual dishonesty, black, dark, evil, immoral, iniquitous, nefarious, rotten, sinful, unethical, unlawful, unrighteous, unsavory, vicious, bad, villainous, wicked, wrong.


praise that is not sincere, adulation, blarney, butter, flannel, incense, overpraise, soft soap, sweet talk, taffy, sort of like bribery to get ones way.

Mischief and Falsehoods

behavior or activity that is annoying but that is not meant to cause serious harm or damage, a playful desire to cause trouble, harmful behavior, telling of lies and causing trouble, source of harm, evil, or irritation, specific injury or damage attributed.



Persecution of The Poor

act or practice of persecuting on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs that differ from those of the persecutor, condition of being persecuted, abuse, ill-treatment, ill-usage, maltreatment – cruel or inhumane treatment, oppression, act of subjugating by cruelty, pogrom, rendition, torturing, torture – the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason, victimization, abuse, torture, torment, oppression, tyranny, discrimination against, mistreatment, ill-treatment, maltreatment, tyrannization.

Setting Snares for The Just

a position or situation from which it is difficult to escape, something by which one is entangled, involved in difficulties, or impeded ,something deceptively attractive, ambush, net, trap, web.

Evil Imaginations

Human thinking, darkened by sin, expressed in plans which are in opposition to God, dirty thoughts, filthiness in mind, something evil, cruel.



Plotting Against Others

someone who is planning to commit a crime of some sort, to make plans.

Taking Advantage of Others

only friending someone to get what you want from them, to lie to get money, possessions, etc.


a cruel act, a cruel action, abuse, atrocity, barbarity, bestiality, bloodthirstiness,brutality, brutishness, callousness, causing tension or annoyance, cold heartedness, cruel disposition or conduct, cruelness, cruelty – feelings of extreme heartlessness cruelty – feelings of extreme heartlessness, deliberate infliction of pain or suffering, depravity, ferociousness, fiendishness, hard heartedness harshness, heartlessness, ill-treatment, ill-usage, impalement – the act of piercing with a sharpened stake as a form of punishment or torture, inhumanity – an act of atrocious cruelty, malevolence – the quality of threatening evil, malice, maltreatment – cruel or inhumane treatment, mercilessness, murderousness – cruelty evidence by a capability to commit murder, pitilessness, quality or characteristic of being cruel, remark, inhuman treatment,
ruthlessness, sadism, savagery – the trait of extreme cruelty, severity, spite, spitefulness, the state or quality of being cruel, viciousness.

Double Talking

language that appears to be earnest and meaningful but in fact is a mixture of sense and nonsense, inflated, involved, and often deliberately ambiguous language.

Speaking Proudly



persecution, control, suffering, abuse, injury, injustice, cruelty, domination, repression, brutality, suppression, severity, tyranny, authoritarianism, harshness, despotism, ill-treatment, subjugation, subjection, maltreatment an attempt to escape political oppression, justice, mercy, compassion, sympathy, goodness, kindness, tenderness, clemency, benevolence, humaneness.

Being Corrupt

a corrupt text, act punishable by law, adulterate, alter, art forms ,bastardise, bastardize – change something so that its value declines, bribe, buy crime, carnalise, carnalize – debase through carnal gratification, cause a transformation, cause to become rotten, cause to change, cloud mar, considered an evil act, containing errors or alterations, contaminate, make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence, corrupt and incompetent city government, corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality, corrupt the morals, criminal offence, debase, debauch, defective or inadequate, defiant of law, defile, deflower, demoralise, demoralize, deprave, destroy or subvert the honesty or integrity, dilute, debase, load, dishonest or immoral or evasive crooked dishonest, dishonorable – deceptive or fraudulent, disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive ,give a conciliatory gift or bribe to buy off, give money, grease one’s palms, immoral – deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong , lacking in integrity, law-breaking, lead astray, long record of crimes, make different, make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance, misdirect, modify, morally depraved, not straight, often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones, open to or involving bribery, other dishonest practices a corrupt official corrupt practices in an election, pay off, pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor, pervert, place under suspicion or cast doubt upon, poison someone’s mind, profane, putrid or rotten, ruin morally, sensualise, society was infected by racism, imperfect, spoil, change the original form, spoke a corrupted version of the language, stale – lacking freshness, suborn – incite to commit a crime or an evil deed, subvert, sully, taint, tainted ,touched by rot or decay, unclean, unlawful hunters, unlawful measures, unlawful money, usually in exchange for goods or services, vitiate.

Rewarding Good for Evil

Offering or likely to offer satisfaction or gratification, satisfying, fulfilling, gratifying, edifying, economic, pleasing, valuable, profitable, productive, worthwhile, beneficial, enriching, fruitful, advantageous, gainful, boring, vain, barren, fruitless, unproductive, unprofitable, unrewarding for something evil.

Rejoicing in Adversity of Others

To feel joyful, and being delighted, of hardship or affliction, misfortune, distress, of someone having a hard time in their life.

Lack of The Fear of God

having deficiency or absence, be without or in need of, an insufficiency, shortage, or absence of something required or desired, be afraid or frightened of, be uneasy or apprehensive about, not distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined, the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Bragging on Oneself

talk boastfully, assert boastfully, A boast, Arrogant or boastful speech or manner, something boasted of, braggart, a boaster, crowing, gasconade, line-shooting, vaporing, brag, crow, boast, boasting, jactitation, self-praise.

Abandonment to Do Evil


Devising Mischief


Loving Evil


Refusing To Live In Peace

refuse to believe, accept, or consider, to decide not to publish, or make, available to the public because it is not good enough, decline, disallow, disapprove, negative, nix, refuse, deny, reprobate, withhold, to refuse to allow.

Covenant Breaking


Working Wickedness

devilishness, devilment, devilry (or deviltry), diablerie, hob, impishness, knavery, mischievousness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan(s), waggery, waggishness, mischief.

Delighting in Lies

loving to tell false truths of someone or something.

Causing Fear in Others


Regarding Iniquity in the Heart


Tempting God

trying to have strong appeal, be enticing, uninviting, undesirable, unattractive, unappetizing, untempting, tantalising, tantalizing

Rejecting Salvation

to refuse to believe, accept, or consider (something),to decide not to publish (something) or make (something) available to the public because it is not good enough, decline, disallow, disapprove, negative, nix, refuse, deny, reprobate, withhold, to refuse to allow (someone) to join a club, to attend a school, etc.

Grieving God

to feel, show, or express grief, sadness, or regret, grieved ,mourn or sorrow for.

Limiting God

putting a time frame or limit on what and when God can and will do, not doing what God wants you to do.

Turning Again to Folly

Perilously or criminally foolish action, Evil, wickedness, Lewdness, lasciviousness, act or instance of foolishness, being foolish, stupidity, rashness, unwiseness, trait, distinguishing feature of your personal nature, indiscretion, injudiciousness – the trait of being injudicious, fatuity, fatuousness, silliness, absurdity, ludicrous folly, asininity ,quality of being asinine, stupidity combined with stubbornness, folly, stupid mistake, bêtise , imbecility, stupidity, foolishness, error, fault, mistake, quality of being rash and foolish, craziness, foolishness, madness, senseless behavior, senseless behavior, foolery, tomfoolery, lunacy, craziness, indulgence, frolic, gambol, romp, caper.

Speaking Hard Things

speaking of hateful things, and hurtful words.

Working Iniquity


Destroying Saints


Afflicting God’s Heritage

misfortune, suffering, trouble, trial, disease, pain, distress, grief, misery, plague, curse, ordeal, sickness, torment, hardship, sorrow, woe, adversity, calamity, scourge, tribulation, wretchedness.

Misusing The Law

Improper, unlawful, or incorrect use; misapplication, use incorrectly, mistreat or abuse.

Destroying The Innocent


Ignoring God’s Miracles

refuse to pay attention, disregard, to fail or refuse to notice, refrain from noticing or recognizing, brush aside, brush off, discount, dismiss, disregard, push aside.

Forgetting Mercy

leaving out of life, not to remember, to leave alone.

Forgetting God’s Work

leaving out of life, not to remember, to leave alone.

Ignoring God

refuse to pay attention, disregard, to fail or refuse to notice, refrain from noticing or recognizing, brush aside, brush off, discount, dismiss, disregard, push aside.

Lusting for Flesh

lechery, sensuality, licentiousness, carnality, the hots (slang), libido, lewdness, wantonness, salaciousness, lasciviousness, concupiscence, randiness, pruriency, desire, longing, passion, appetite, craving, greed, thirst, cupidity, covetousness, avidity, appetence.

Eating Unlawful Sacrifices

not lawful, illegal, contrary to accepted morality or convention, illicit, improper, unconventional.

Inventing Sin

produce or contrive (something previously unknown) by the use of ingenuity or imagination, to make up, fabricate.

Sacrificing Children to Devils


Hating Without Cause


Despising The Love Of Good Men

to dislike (something or someone) very much.

Returning Evil for Good


Returning Hatred for Love


Love Cursing


Reproaching Good Men

express disapproval of, criticism of, or disappointment, admonish, bring shame upon,disgrace, one that causes rebuke or blame, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval.

Continually Making War


Walking With Sinners

simple meaning, knowing people sin and cause trouble and live in sin and keeping company with them.

Scorning Religion

Contempt or disdain felt toward a person or object considered despicable or unworthy, expression of such an attitude in behavior or speech, derision, spoken of or treated with contempt.

Hating Knowledge


Setting Aside Counsel


Rejecting Reproof

to refuse to believe, accept, or consider something, decline, disallow, disapprove,negative, nix, refuse, deny, reprobate, withhold, reproof ,act or expression of criticism and censure, rebuke, reprehension,
reprimand, reproval, reprimand, criticism, disapproval, bawling out, castigation, chewing out, dressing down, upbraiding,earful, going-over, a severe scolding, berating, blowing up, severe rebuke, reproach, lengthy rebuke, chastening, chastisement,correction, rebuke for making a mistake, admonishment, monition,admonition.

Forsaking Parental Advice

give up, renounce, leave altogether, abandon, abandonment, desertion, rejection.

Frowardness – Perverseness

contrariness, perversity, fractiousness, unruliness, willfulness, trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of discipline, cussedness, orneriness’s, deliberately deviating from what is good.

Winketh With The Eye


Looking Proud


Gadding About

pointed tool, such as a spike or chisel, used for breaking rock or ore, a goad, as for prodding cattle, to break up with a gad, to move about restlessly and with little purpose.

Being Boisterous and Loud

being rough and stormy, violent, loud, noisy, and lacking in restraint or discipline, noisy and lively, unrestrained or unruly.

Despising Neighbours

to dislike something or someone very much.

Despising Parents

to dislike something or someone very much.

Giving Heed To False Lips

 Approving the lies of others and not leaving them behind but agreeing

Justifying The Wicked

 Approving of the evil someone is comitting and you going along with it

Condemning the Just


Finding fault With God



immoderate indulgence in alcoholic beverages, excessive indulgence of appetite or passion, lack of moderation or restraint

Giving Heart to Know Maddness & Folly


Giving Heart to Sinful Mirth and Pleasure


Giving Heart to Wine & Drunkeness


Setting Heart on Riches, Singing, Music and Alike


Giving Self Over to Unbridled Lusts & Passions


Applying Heart to Wickedness of Folly, Foolishness of Madness


Worship Your Own Works

idolizing your own works and what you do.

Disregarding God’s Works

disregardless, irrespective, no matter, regardless.


Not penitent, unrepentant.

Making Unrighteous Laws



a violation of another’s rights or of what is right, lack of justice, specific unjust act, a wrong.


practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess, falseness, act or instance of such falseness, lip service, dissembling, feigning, pretense, pretence – pretending with intention to deceive, crocodile tears – a hypocritical display of sorrow, false or insincere weeping, insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have, insincerity, falseness, hollowness – the quality of not being open or truthful; deceitful or hypocritical, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony – the quality of being hypocritically devout, smarminess, unctuousness, unction, fulsomeness, oiliness, oleaginousness.

Speaking Folly


Despising God’s Word

to dislike (something or someone) very much.

Trusting In Wickedness

unsuspecting, simple, innocent, optimistic, naive, confiding, gullible, unwary, unguarded, credulous, unsuspicious.

Being Obstinate

stubborn, unyielding, inflexible, unbending, intransigent, intractable, obdurate, mulish, bullheaded, stubborn as a mule, pigheaded, self-willed, strong-willed, headstrong, willful, contrary, perverse, recalcitrant, refractory, uncooperative, unmanageable, stiff-necked, rigid, uncompromising, implacable, unrelenting, immovable, unshakable.

Addiction To Sorcery

dependance, habituation, dependence, dependency like a narcotic , a drug that produces numbness or stupor, often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain, extensive use can lead to addiction, physical
condition, physiological condition, physiological state – the condition or state of the body or bodily functions, like a drug addiction, addiction, abnormally strong craving addiction ,craving, intense desire for some particular thing.

Walking After Own Thoughts


Eating Unclean Food


Boasting Personal Holiness

you express too much pride in yourself or in something you have, have done, or are connected to in some way, a reason to be proud : something impressive that someone or something has or has done, the act or an instance of boasting, brag.

Walking After vanity


Refusal To Enquire After God

refuse to believe, accept, or consider, ,decline, disallow, disapprove, negative, nix, refuse, deny, reprobate, withhold, to refuse to allow.

Prophesying By Baal

various local fertility and nature gods of the ancient Semitic peoples considered to be false gods by the Hebrews, often baal A false god or idol.

Walking After Unprofitable Things


Playing the Harlot

acting like a prostitute or promiscuous woman, sleeping around, not married, a prostitute,whore.

Multiplying God


Teaching Wickedness


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