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Just Think About This

How can you turn your back on the Man Named “Jesus” His love, His grace, and His MercyJust Think About This

Written By: Patricia Burnette

Many Years Ago

I am not sure when I wrote this it was several years ago, but I am in hopes that maybe it may help someone. Sometimes, I just have things on my mind and questions I have in my head and I end up writing them down or, just trying to get things sorted out, so I wrote them down.

How can you turn your back on the Man Named “Jesus” His love, His grace, and His Mercy

How He died for you, the Blood that He shed for you,

He was beaten so bad with a flog, that His body poured His blood, He could barely walk,

When He died for you, that Blood that He shed was for your sins and your healing,

All the things that He has done for you and in your life,

How can you run away from Him and not acknowledge of whom He is and His Love.

If, you have been in His presence as I have, you couldn’t run away. What about what He did for you, He saved you from death, when He died on that cross.

Just think if it was all reversed which we know that is and will be impossible but –– just put yourself in His place for 1 minute and a second.

How, would you feel if people which you died for went for evil, hateful ways, cursing using foul language, and money, lusting, malice, fussing and fighting, lying, thieving ways, and you tried to give them a new start and new life through the cross, but you didn’t listen?

How would you feel if it, really was reversed?

STOP & THINK –– Why give up on someone whom is awesome… and His love is the truest you will ever know and His mercy is real?

Don’t stick your nose in the air, until you tried Him, He’s the only answer, He’s what’s missing !

You can’t serve two masters! You just can’t. You can’t keep committing sins and Love Jesus at the same time.

It’s Jesus or Evil?? Evil ways and doings… will kill you ! Plain as day and you won’t have no way out once you die and think you will make it to heaven… if you do not repent!

When Jesus is in your life, heart and soul you’ll live forever and ever.

What’s your choice???

When He returns, I’m gone… will I see you and meet you in Heaven?

Will you be gone, or will you keep doing what you are doing now??

When the roll is called to be gone from all these heartaches I’m gone… are you claiming to be gone when Our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ Comes???

You know the one who “died for you” the one who loves you so much He shed His blood for you, the crown He wore which cut into His head , the spear they pierced His side with, to make sure He died??

Are you going to carry the cross like the man did for Him? Are you going to be the one who wipes the sweat from his brow, the blood running down His face?

Think about it…. Seriously, what He did for you Jesus Loves You so much Do you TRULY Love Him???

Jesus, saved me and He will save you to just ask Him In!!

I’m free, I’m free of all my sins, I accepted Jesus into my heart and life, I have His Love and His mercy. I am free from bondage, I am free of death, I’m no more a slave to sin!

There is still forgiveness at the cross, you’re running out of places to go to run to, to hide. You cannot keep going, He’s here for you.

Jesus is waiting on you… YES, you! He will take you on His shoulders, He’ll wrap His loving arms around you, He’ll hold you tight.

If, you were saved once before–– did you really give Him a chance – or did you just try him for a day or two, then leave Him to die again??

He’s faithful, He’s always on time, God will carry you , when your hope is gone. God is faithful and if your faith is weak, He is strong, and He will get you through.

He’s the answer to everything in Life, please give Him your heart and give Him a try you sure won’t regret it.

I’d rather live with the Savior Jesus Christ then to die and then not have a chance to know Jesus!

Remember, He died for you on Calvary. What will you give Him today??

His heart was broken and His hands nailed to a cross, and He was pierced for you.

What a Savior He Is!!!!