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Are Your Praying Fervently

Are Your Praying Fervently1 Samuel

Just like Hannah in 1 Samuel, she kept asking God for a son and she never gave up and God answered her prayer. 1 Samuel 1:1-20.

I have been praying for years for peace to be in my family and for those who have resentment and hate and anger inside them to be rid of it, and become a family like they should be, I been praying for this world and all the people in the world, for healing of my mother and my sisters, and aunt and uncle and my friends and my husband.

I do pray for myself, but not like I do for everyone else. I knew deep within my heart that God will answer my prayers, I have been praying for many years, but I have never given up because I know God will answer.

We can never give up, I hear so many times, “I am just going to give up” or I hear “It’s not going to get better, I am just not going to worry about it anymore” the statements I hear are so negative and so un-willing and untrusting. God doesn’t want us to be like that.

One problem is because they don’t either pray or their faith is so low in the heart of their inner being they don’t hold on long enough. Many people think just because they are asking God to do something in their life means God is going to answer them right then and there and if He doesn’t they are going to stop trying and go back to the way they once were.

If, we give up then we deserve not to get answers, so many people give up and loose their faith, because they refuse to hold on, and when we loose faith nothing will happen, prayers will not get answered and that isn’t no way to get God to answer, because that makes Him unhappy because those whom He wanted to work through and in and bless He can’t because they don’t want to have faith, and use it.

Just because certain prayers that we pray haven’t been answered, doesn’t mean God isn’t listening, and He isn’t going to answer because He will not in our time but His timing.

We have to hold on, and our prayers we’ve been praying will be answered, just because they haven’t came into reality yet, doesn’t mean God isn’t hearing us and listening to out pleas. He is preparing things a way and people to line up with what He wants for us and to bring our prayers to reality. He is working behind the scenes and we have to hold on, because if we don’t we will never be able to see them come into life and be able to see the blessings which we have been praying for so long for.

Just hang in there, DO NOT GIVE UP! I am hanging in there and I refuse to waiver in my Faith because Faith is a substance of things hoped for, things which are unseen. My petitions I have placed before God and still do I will see them come to pass, I’m hanging in there and hanging on, because I Know my God is so much Greater than things in and on this earth.

God is a God of Love Grace and Mercy so hang in there and stay strong in your faith and you will see your long waited requests come into your life time.