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You Are What You Believe

Matthew 8:13

Jesus told a centurion that the healing he requested would be done as he believed it would. The centurion was positive and he had a positive attitude and Jesus did what he asked him to do.

If we would keep positive attitudes, positive thoughts in our minds we would get some where in our lives, positive minds produce positive lives. Negative minds produce negative lives. Positive thoughts are always full of faith, hope, trust. Negative thoughts are always full of doubts and fears.

There are millions of people who are afraid to hope, trust because they have been hurt to much or their answer they have been expecting hasn’t been answered yet by God.

Ways to have negative thoughts and actually became to believe in them yourself. I’m never going to see this paid, never going to get out of this rutt, I’m never going to be healed, I’m always going to be this way, I’m never going to allow no one to do this to me again, etc, do you see the problem here?

“Never” the word never throws enough fuel to make the devils fiery pit bigger – he uses your words against you he makes you believe in them – and these thoughts will keep tearing at your brain if you let them.

How can you be healed, be free of something if you are always doubting and having fears?

God did not put these feelings in us – He brought us His Son to fulfill our ropes, desires, trust take away our fears!

When we ask Jesus/God to do something for us keep your faith up – never let your guard down – tell the devil where to get off and remind him whose child you are!