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Short and Simple

Confidence in prayer is a vital to our lives as the air we breathe, and as believersShort and Simple
Matthew 6

Confidence in prayer is a vital to our lives as the air we breathe, and as believers. Be honest with yourself about how, when you pray, about the prayer life you want, make adjustments wherever they are needed.

If, you do not pray enough pray more, if your prayers are complicated, make them simple. God wants us to pray to him and he wants to hear our prayers and answer them.

Release your faith by praying simple prayers. Long prayers with phrases of same words over and over become and are confusing.

I will admit, there are many times, I get overwhelmed in prayer I can say some long ones. I pray as I feel in my heart to pray. I love to Thank the Lord for all He’s done for me and Thank Him for things He’s going to do, and I repent of anything I could’ve or may have done, and I let the Lord know I love Him and I start praying for family, friends, the world, our leaders, so as you can see sometimes, well allot of times my prayers can get long.

But, God knows our hearts and He is the one who places the Holy Spirit inside us, so we can learn and depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us in all we do.

Go by your heart in what to pray… because that Prayer will reach the Heaven’s as long as we believe and trust in the Lord and always pray in His will, we will see God manifest Himself into our lives and we will see answers.

Never Give Up, Never Doubt in your praying……always believe and keep that Faith!

They got their Answers 

 Scriptures – Unanswered Prayers

Malachi 3:8-12

Psalm 50:14-15

Psalm 76:11-12