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The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ Part 5

THE CRUCIFIXIONCrucifixion of Jesus Christ, OVERVIEW #5

The soldiers’ mocked Jesus (Matthew 27:27-30), mixing a royal robe with a painful crown of thorns (Mark 15:17) and compelling a passerby to carry the cross (Luke 23:26). They then nailed Jesus to the cross and played a cruel game, casting lots for his garment (John 19:23-24).


They scornfully challenged him to use his power to escape (Matthew 27:40-44). But against this is Jesus’ concern about the repentant criminal who was crucified with him (Luke 23:39-43).

He also expressed concern for his mother (John 19:25-27), prayed for forgiveness for those responsible for the Crucifixion (Luke 23:34), and made one final triumphant cry (Mark 15:37). He showed a nobility of mind that contrasted strongly with the meanness of those about him. A few observers showed a better appreciation, like the centurion who was convinced of Jesus’ innocence (15:39) and the women who followed him and stood at a distance (Matthew 27:55-56).

At Jesus’ forsaken cry (Mark 15:34), there was darkness and an earthquakeAt Jesus’ forsaken cry (Mark 15:34), there was darkness and an earthquake, as if nature itself were acknowledging the significance of the event. Even the temple veil was torn in two, as though it no longer had any right to bar the way into the Holy of Holies (Matthew 27:51).

Jesus’ death had paved the way for all people to freely enter God’s presence and worship him. He paid for our sins and brought us back to God.




Jesus’ body was placed in a tomb that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph was assisted by Nicodemus in laying the body to rest (Matthew 27:57-60John 19:39).

But the tomb played only an incidental part in the resurrection. The Gospel writers concentrate on the appearances of Jesus not only on the day of resurrection but also afterward.

The disciples were convinced that Jesus was alive. Some, like Thomas, had doubts to overcome (John 20:24-29). Others, like John, were more ready to believe when they saw the empty tomb (20:2-10).




The first to see the risen Lord was a woman, Mary Magdalene

The first to see the risen Lord was a woman, Mary Magdalene (Matthew 27:61Matthew 28:15-9), whose presence at the cross put to shame those disciples who had run away (Matthew 26:56John 19:25).

We may note that in his glorified, risen state Jesus was in a human form, although he was not at once recognized (John 20:15-16). The appearances were occasions of both joy and instruction (compare to Luke 24:44 and Acts 1:3).



The Resurrection

Jesus ascended into heaven to join his Father in glory

The Resurrection, in fact, had transformed the Crucifixion from a tragedy into a triumph. His Ascension into heaven came forty days after his resurrection. Jesus ascended into heaven to join his Father in glory (Luke 24:51John 20:17Acts 1:9-11

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