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Chat Rooms



Our Chats have changed due to the incompatibility of the ADD-On which I had here on Word Press… I been fighting with one and finally got it up and going and hopefully in time I can have Images for each one. But, the New one is at : NEW PRAYER CHAT all one needs to do here is “JUST TYPE YOUR NAME, NO password is needed”!! Once you get in Chat to go to each one , “Just Click on the One you wish to go to” that’s it. CLICK ON Left Image or Below!!

If, noone is in CHAT just hang on because it will give a Notification sound on my end, or a Moderators End that someone has entered the Chat Room.

I am in hopes that this one will be easier for other’s to use and not like the other ones I was trying out. I noticed some never tried to return to pray I am not sure if that was the reason due to always having to enter a Name and Password. 

This one ALL YOU DO is Enter YOUR NAME!!! I am still trying to learn the Script on how to change the Backgrounds to what the Chat Room is about, so PLEASE Bare With Me!!!

MATTHEW 18:19-20 States WE NEED TO PRAY Together ….Which like President Trump says: Prayer is a Powerful Thing!!!

Let’s ALL come together and Pray the evil away it is Our Responsibilities as Christ’s Followers and His People!

Here I have placed Sections of which Prayer Chat you would like to enter into! Just Click on the Picture and it will carry you to Prayer Chat!

With all that AMERICA and Other countries are experiencing we ALL NEED to Pray for everyone, regardless if we know one another or not. We ALL need to pray for Healing for one another and their country they live in, their state their families, etc. 

If, you would like to make a Donation to help further the abilities to be able to add more features you can do this by Clicking on the Button below!

Praying for America and Israel Our President