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I’m Not Perfect Lord

I’m Not Perfect Lord

August 2014

I make mistakes Father, I may mess up,

I struggle with certain things in my life

I may feel great and fulfilled one day and not next

I know I want to be all I can be for you

I’m not perfect Lord but with you I’m striving to be

I may say or do things not right, but I don’t mean to

I may be so tired and worn out, but I do Love you Lord Jesus,

I know life’s struggles are a part of our test in faith in you

I pray I’m passing because so many have come my way

I’m not perfect Lord, I ask you to help me along my way to strengthen me, guide me, walk and talk to me,

Thank You for always being there for me and with me.

Thank you for your loving grace and mercy, Help me to be more perfect Lord Jesus.

Written By : Patricia Burnette

Year 2014 @All Rights Reserved