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God’s Gives Us Authority

God gives us the authority in order to bring His will to earth, not bring our own will to passGod’s Gives Us Authority
Matthew 18:18,19

God gives us the authority in order to bring His will to earth, not bring our own will to pass.

As we are believers, God gives us the spiritual authority which we should always exercise it we can do this by praying. Which God loves it when we pray to Him and which is one of his desires, he wants us to do.

We are his desired servants, to pray ” His will be done (with down from heaven) to the earth, as we are taught by Jesus to pray. “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. “Matthew 6:10

Our prayers can affect our lives and the lives of others we pray for. God can use us to help others experience the fullness of all he has promised us and them in life.

God, knows whether our prayers are meaningful, and He knows if we are sincere at what is in our hearts. God, gives us the Authority to even Command the devil to leave us alone and our families, we just have to learn to do it and use that authority.

I know sometimes it’s hard believe me, I’ve been there and still struggle with using my authority as I should, let me tell you why.

I hear people allot demanding God to do this and demanding Him to do that, but to me that is just plain disrespect and I do NOT want to show or give God disrespect, as I was brought up different that than. I always felt like if I demanded God to do anything that’s exactly what it feels like to me disrespect to HIM.

We all know that the Bible states the end times we will have all sorts of bad weather and famines ,earthquakes. But, I found that when we are aware of those threats and as believers we have Authority to make those storms go away just as in our life when we go through trials.

We all know we need rain, and just like in our lives we will go through trials which can bring tears and upsets to our lives. My mother and I always pray the bad storms away!

Jesus is good at His word and the Father is Good at His word, they never tell a lie!

When I call and check on my mother several times a day if she hurts I pray in Jesus’ Name that her pain goes away. Just as in really bad weather we have the authority to pray them away.

Just like in 2010 the entire Mississippi was in red and we was to have had tornadoes and real bad winds and hail. I loaded my weather bug, and watched the radar, and all I could see was it was soon to be coming through Mississippi and headed straight through Magee where I live.

Instead of just praying it away for us I prayed it away for everyone, because I seen the devastation it left in the other states, and I just couldn’t sit back and wait for the evil in those storms to hurt anyone else.

If, you are a believer and you know the POWER of GOD & His Son, then you can adopt this prayer that I use most of the time if not all the time to pray them away. Remember, it takes faith and you must keep doing it, because God hears the prayers of His people and believers!

In Jesus Name Father make the storms go away, In Jesus Name make the storms go away, make them vanish, make the go back out into the sea from where they came. In Jesus Name Make the storms go away, please don’t let them hurt anyone else, please keep your people safe! In Jesus Name Father make them go away!

The above prayer saved us when the tornado hit on 28 and we was like 15 miles from it, we felt all the after math but it didn’t come near us! In Jesus Name I pray that this helps those whom believes in you and trusts in you with all their hearts and bless them and keep them safe from harms way and protect them wherever they may go, In Jesus Name Amen Amen!

So, I always when praying I “say; Let my Prayer be in your will, not my will.”

I do believe that when I pray, that God’s will ,will be done and in His timing, not my timing!