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Inspiring Quotes 3

I thought this would be really cool to have one the site! I am always trying to find things which cheer other’s up, and to make them happy! If, you have any “Inspiring Quotes” please share them with us, you can do this by contacting us, finding me on FB, and we will even put your Name to them, that you submitted the “Inspired Quote” with us and them. It gives you a good feeling inside when you can share something which will and can put a smile on someone’s face!!

  1. Good times were not meant to be savored only at the present moment, but a wealth of joy which should be carefully bundled and saved for the trying times ahead.
  2. I have learned to accept my flaws and weaknesses. I have learned to be at peace with them. I have also learned that despite them, God has still made me fully equipped to accomplish my destiny!
  3. Fear not your tears. They clear away the bitterness clinging to your heart.
  4. In this life, we will pass through many seasons of happiness and sorrow, day and night, springtime and winter. What’s important is to keep our hopes up that the sun will shine even more brighter after every storm.
  5. There is a happiness that comes from knowing all is well, and you are surely walking in a path that will lead you to your dreams. And there is a happiness that simply comes from knowing all will be well, and whatever comes, you can be able to deal with it and handle it well. Now that’s confidence. That’s faith!
  6. Even the dreams that have yet to happen can make us happy simply by dreaming them. For as far as we know, their joy have already arrived in our hearts. For if we can dampen our days by worrying about the things that may or may not happen, how can we not brighten our days also with beautiful things that are yet to come?
  7. In my lowliness I cannot fully understand God, but I’m glad I can always count on Him to understand me.
  8. If God cannot heal our most painful sufferings on earth, and provide a heaven whose joys far outweigh our every tear, then He is not a just, merciful and powerful God. But if He is who He says He is, as I believe Him to be, we truly have no idea of the bliss and glory He has lovingly prepared for us in that blessed life where our joys shall have no end.
  9. When I contemplate upon my love for a family or a friend, I realize how I would really want to make them happy. I also realize that try as I may, my own love for them cannot suffice. Only God’s love could ever be enough, and that’s what I desire for them with  all my heart and soul.
  10. Before the Lord, I am like a newborn child who has NOTHING, ready to receive EVERYTHING He is wonderfully giving me.
  11. In the world’s definition, to LOVE somebody is to be attracted to your loved one’s beauty, strength and best attributes. In God’s definition, to LOVE someone is to will his good and to do everything within your power to help him attain it.
  12. Should God ever empty you, it is only to be able to fill you with things far sweeter and far more beautiful.
  13. Sometimes, the only comfort a suffering heart can ever find is in the wounds of JESUS.
  14. Love isn’t always that far away. We may just be looking at different things or we may not be looking closely enough to see it.
  15. No person is ever so weak or poor in the eyes of men that he could ever be without value in the eyes of God.
  16. I may have lacked many things in this life. But the Lord has certainly not deprived me of love. And for this, I shall eternally be giving thanks.
  17. Times of great suffering often urges ask to ask if there is really a God. On the other hand, it is because of such suffering that I dare believe in a God who alone can help us to make sense of all our pain and to believe that evil will never have the final say, but a far greater good that outweighs all the evil that now persecutes the world.
  18. What does growing old tell us when we lose our physical strength and beauty? It says that we have gained a new beauty within, far more beautiful than what can be seen by our naked eyes.
  19. Deserts and sorrows are the best places to discover who you really are.
  20. God’s love is not a love that tolerates; it is a love that forgives.
  21. Wisdom is never imparted through force or disrespect. Darkness is never remedied by vanquishing the light.
  22. We worry whether we have the strength to face difficulties, and we forget that sometimes, it is the difficulty itself that strengthens us.
  23. I do not desire to change the world. Only God can change the world, and I pray that He would start by changing me.
  24. God may not spare you from the storm, but He will deliver you through it!

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