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Watching and Praying

We are to always "Watch and Pray" to our own lives, without doing this we can easily loose sight of the things which we need to be doing for Jesus“Watching and Praying”

Matthew 26:41, speaks about we all need to be applying Jesus to our lives everyday, many times a day to help us through.

We are to always “Watch and Pray” to our own lives, without doing this we can easily loose sight of the things which we need to be doing for Jesus.

Through all that is happening in the world, I tend to loose sight, I end up getting depressed and down in the dumps, and I have to remind myself that Jesus will help me. We ALL must watch for the attacks of the enemy (devil, satan) same person, in our lives and pray right then and there not when we feel like it’s the right moment, right then and there. You cannot wait, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, it has to be done that moment, that way the devil will loose himself from you and you will feel so much better.

That is what’s wrong in many people’s lives, because they either do not know how to, or they think that’s just how life is, but that is —- WRONG WRONG!

The devil knows all your weakest areas, and only if you let him. People wonder why they are having a hard time, and yes, I have said this in many pages, but it all boils down to people are unaware of what to do when things slap them in their faces, they have a hard time because they do not know what to do, to stop the devil in his tracks.

People can stop the devil, they can use their power which God gives them when they become saved and they need to use it, to stop the devil in his tracks right then and there. Some actually believe and think that that is what God planned for them in their lives, but it’s not, God is a Loving God He is not going to allow hard times come upon you and Him not keep His word.

People actually think, God is causing their down falls in their lives, but God isn’t, and God is a Loving father, He don’t want His children harmed in any way, or go through the things that they do.

Does does allow however, some things to happen to help bring us closer to Him, so we can reach out and call upon His Name, to depend on Him, to rely on Him —– but most people they cannot see past their noses because they just cannot and do not know how to stop the devils attacks on their lives.

PRAY, REPENT of all Your Sins — Past Present and Ask God to come into your heart, believe In, Trust In, Rely On, Adhere To, Talk To Him, and Ask Him to Cover you with the Divine Precious, Wonderful Powerful Blood of Jesus!

Read His word, believe in it, trust it, sleep on it, sit on it, speak it, dine with it, take a bath in it, drive with it, there are many ways we can stop the devil, it’s all a matter of doing it, and trusting God because God cannot lie, and He will keep His promises to you.

Always Pray never Doubt, God never let noone tell you God don’t Love You because they are a liar, God does Love You, He Needs You, but we need Him More to save us from the devil and his evil demons.

God’s promise to you is one important one, we need to hold in our hearts, ” GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR WILL HE FORSAKE YOU.” plain and simple!

Always, seek Jesus’ Face and The Kingdom of God, Seek Heaven because it’s going to be you Final Home very soon, God will see you through! NEVER EVER GIVE UP!! STAND FIRM!