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Inspiring Quotes 1

I thought this would be really cool to have one the site! I am always trying to find things which cheer other’s up, and to make them happy! If, you have any “Inspiring Quotes” please share them with us, you can do this by contacting us, finding me on FB, and we will even put your Name to them, that you submitted the “Inspired Quote” with us and them. It gives you a good feeling inside when you can share something which will and can put a smile on someone’s face!!

  1. Judge not the things that can make you happy; it is often in the simplest of things where we find the greatest happiness.
  2. Once we learn to accept our limitations, we are one step closer to peace
  3. I bare my nakedness to the world that the world may see who I am; not the mask that hides my flaws, not the mask that hides my beauty. I bask in the light and I take off the mask! ( This is not talking about actually being naked, it’s talking about the masks we put on our faces.)
  4. Sometimes you just have to believe. Against all odds… BELIEVE!
  5. Live with no regrets!
  6. Let nothing frighten you. You are after all, a child of eternity
  7. I am blessed this moment.  I am embraced. I surrender only to love.
  8. Never EVER give up!
  9. Heaven is so much nearer than we often think it to be.
  10. Look not on what you lack, but on the GIFT that you possess!
  11. Find the courage to be all that you can be.
  12. Make peace with your shadow. Until you are able to, you will never dare venture into the light!
  13. God does not love us only when we are lovable, but more so when we are most in need of love.
  14. Be not afraid of your own beauty. Shine forth your light and forget not who you really are!
  15. Consider not your losses, but the victories you have yet to achieve.
  16. It is not enough that you know yourself and what you are worth. You have to show the world who you really are.
  17. You have a dream. You may not know it yet, but it is there, embedded in the deepest part of your heart.
  18. Protect your VISION. At times it is more important than your present accomplishments.
  19. I star in the movie of my own life – laughing, weeping, striving, falling, getting up once again, believing that in the end, everything will be just fine.
  20. I arise from the ashes of doubt, of depression and of self pity. I arise a new being – strong, confident, beautiful and without limits!
  21. Judge me not for you do not know me. You do not know what potentials and hidden worlds could arise from within this soul.
  22. I am no less of a person by the flaws you see in me; I am no lesser for I am not those flaws! I know who I am, my flaws and my strengths, and there is no better person who can handle me but me.
  23. When I told you I could rebuild myself, I was not able to tell the truth. I did not rebuild me. I have just been REBORN!
  24. I trust there IS a way even if I could not find it yet. It will be seen, it will be made. God would help me find a way though there seems to be none at all.
  25. God loves me, unconditionally.  And for me, He leaves the ninety-nine sheep behind so He can find me and make me realize just how much I am loved.
  26. There is never a day that I am truly in the dark, only days when I cannot see the Light of God in whom I live and move and have my being.
  27. I have looked forward to this moment, and I shall not let it pass until I have savored it with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my very soul.
  28. Trust LOVE, real love, pure love.  Something good always comes out of it!
  29. The greatest gift we can give to our loved ones is the gift of them knowing we are well, and that we are joyful.
  30. Joy is when a whole new world opens before your very eyes, and you find that there is yet much to do, much to cherish, and much to love.
  31. I have worn myself out scheming with my desired end, yet only in SURRENDER did I find an end far more than what I could have ever hoped for.
  32. LAUGH! Amidst the monotony and seriousness of everyday, laughter is like a river flowing so strongly with life. Laugh and be lifted up! Laugh and be healed from your wounds.
  33. We can search for hope in the strongest of places and in the best of people, and they shall fall one by one. Only GOD suffices, only God.
  34. It is often by taking uncommon roads, that we attain uncommon joys and triumphs.
  35. Too many blessings have not been given, all because we failed to ask.
  36. A dream reclaimed is often sweeter than a dream attained the first try.

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