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Decree and Declare Scriptures

How To Decree God's WordDecree and Declare Scriptures

Here I have listed 14 Things to Decree and Declare, which I hope helps you!

It is time to decree, proclaim and declare the divine will He has already completed at the Cross. There is so much power in God’s Word, if we just know how to decree it and claim it!

The scriptures are the heart and soul of decreeing the Word of God.

Decree means to give an official order with the power of legislation issued by a rule or person with authority.


Declare is to begin a fierce campaign to get rid of something or start fighting in earnest for or against something.

Divine Will is to make an official order, pronouncement, or legal ruling to effect something.

Proclaim is to announce something publicly or formally.


1. His Glory Among The Heathen 1 Corinthians 16:24, Psalms 96:3, Isaiah 66:9
2. The Glory of God Psalms 19:1, 96:3
3. His Righteousness Psalms 97:6, Romans 3:25
4. The Works of God Psalms 64:9, 73:28, 75:1
5. The Name of The Lord Psalms 102:21
6. His Mighty Acts Psalms 145:4
7. His Greatness Psalms 145:6
8. His Doings Among The People Isaiah 12:4
9. His Praise Isaiah 42:12, Micah 3:8
10. All Their Abomination Ezekiel 12;16, 23:36
11. Thy Faithfulness Psalms 40:10
12. Thy Loving Kindness Psalms 88:11
13. The Gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1
14. God Is Light 1 John 1:5 

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