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God Is Love

God is love, He's the master one who designed the love for which you are seeking, He's the one

God Is Love

By Patricia Burnette 9-3-2014

So many people hunting for love, unable to find it, they are searching and become blinded,

They sit and ask themselves what’s wrong with me, why can’t I find someone to truly love me,

Nothing is wrong with you, my dearest one, you are looking all in the wrong places and direction,

Nothing seems to go right, nothing you can say but, one thing I know for sure about love,

God is love, He’s the master one who designed the love for which you are seeking, He’s the one,

Love is of God, God is Love, He created Love, for all those who’s in need of Him for He is Love,

When we accept Jesus Christ, His Love sinks in, sinks into our hearts, our minds deep within,

God’s Love, is precious and kind, it’s full of goodness and a Love that is so divine,

Call on Jesus, He will provide, He will give you true Love, Love that will never die, love that you can’t compare,

Love that you will see nowhere you turn or look, God’s love is divine and all will follow you, you see,

The one that God has meant for you to be with one day, when you are ready to accept His love from Him to give other’s,

God is Love — Reach out to accept because His love is like no other and cannot be compared to any brother.

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