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Prayer In Agreement 4

As Christians, we all know there is definitely forgiveness in the Blood of Jesus

Prayer In Agreement 4

Prayer #3 (1999)

Heavenly Father, I come to you and I Ask you to Forgive me of each & everyone of my Sins….Lord.

I come to you Father In Prayer & Agreement with my friend, in our circumstances, in which we are Facing…

Father I ask, Lord That if, I am wrong in this please let me know.. Father I do ask for you to Forgive me…if, I am.

Father Jesus I ask, In Your Son’s Name Jesus to hear Our Prayer ….Father I feel at peace…about this.

Father, for Loving as I am…Father, we are in “AGREEMENT” with your “Heavenly Word” in Matthew 18:19,20…we do Believe in your Word Father…your WORD IS SO, TRUE Father…and, father I want your Word to flow into my LIFE Like A Fountain…flowing at your Feet.

Father Jesus we don’t know what your plans are…Father, but, whatever they are WE Thank YOU RIGHT Now, in “Fellowship with one another.”

Oh, Father….I know you already know what I feel in my heart and, I do Believe you’re fixing to Answer Prayer…I believe that…In Jesus Name I do ask, and Believe…right now, Father that The devour and his followers, are pulled-out of our hearts and minds, and away from us….I COMMAND THE MOUNTAIN THAT IS IN OUR WAY, FATHER BE REMOVED AND CAST OUT INTO THE SEA…..AND, NEVER TO RETURN…TO US.

Father, I do Confess, my sins, and that you SENT YOUR SON to DIE on that Cross, for my sins as well as everyone else’s….I do Believe that Your Will , will be done as it is in Heaven….and, I ask, Jesus, that you help us, each and everyday…to become CLOSER to YOU, and help us, Conquer all of our Habits, and frustrations, and anger….help us Draw Nigh to you….and, Lord, I pray that you show Joe, that it’s time he stopped believing in the Worldly Pleasures, and money….taking it for Granted…Heavenly Father somehow, show him….he’s completely wrong….and, he must stop !

Father, Jesus…you LOVE ME & I know that without One DOUBT…and, I just want to be at your will, FATHER…..TOUCH JOE’S HEART, REPLACE IT…OR CHANGE HIM….In Jesus Name I pray, in Agreement …I will be comforted with and along with your answer….and not by my will but by your will In Jesus’ Name Amen Amen!


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