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Thank God for the “precious” blood of Christ . . . the “sprinkled” blood of Christ . . . the blood of “the new covenant” . . . the blood of “the eternal covenant”

(1 Pet. 1:19Heb. 12:24Luke 22:20Heb. 13:20).

What is the true meaning of CHRISTMAS?

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Here are a few interesting pages I have done on the main “” website which will be re-vamped into a WordPress site also. It is much bigger than this one and there is still more pages I am going to add there. It has over 750 pages right now!

Lovers of self,Self Centered,Lovers of Money,Inordinate greedy desire for wealth,Proud, arrogant,Contemptuous boasters,Abusive Blasphemous,Scoffing,Disobedient to Parents,Ungrateful people,Unholy,Profane,Without Natural Human Affection,Callous, inhuman,Relentless Admitting of No Truce, Appeasement,Slanderers,False Accusers,Trouble Makers,Intemperate Loose in Morals and conduct,Uncontrolled and fierce Haters of God,Treacherous Betrayers, Rash, inflated with Self Conceit,Lovers of sensual pleasures,Vain Amusements,Deny and reject Strangers


Choosing Life Through Our Words Question, yourself, do I seek him, do I spend time with him? Do, I read his word? Do I have pray time with him? Do I give him praise? Do I give to his Kingdom? Do I help those who are in need, when I feel the need?