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Evil Is God’s Fight For You

The devil knows that if he can get our eyes off the Savior Jesus Christ, he knows he can cause us all kinds of things and troubles to come against us.Evil Is God’s Fight For You

Nehemiah 4:20

There is none, not one who won’t come against the devils, evil attacks on us. If, you think you are exempt you are so very wrong.

The devil knows that if he can get our eyes off the Savior Jesus Christ, he knows he can cause us all kinds of things and troubles to come against us.

Look, the devil has hit me so many times right when he knows my blessing was to come. I missed so many blessings because of problems and trials that came my way overwhelmed me. I still struggle and I know for a fact that he comes to steal, kill and destroy what God wants to do in our lives and want us to have and yes, how He wants us to feel and to give Him our all.

The devil doesn’t care about you, he could care less if you live or die. He uses things in our lives to keep us fighting back, and not to do or be what God wants us to be,

The devil doesn’t want us to live for the Lord, when our breakthrough is about to come into our lives, he gets scared –– because he doesn’t want us to be finally free from him, free of bondage. So, he puts traps in our way.

Some things which happen in our lives are tests and trials, testing of our faith in God. These tests may not be easy ones, and I have learnt through all mine –– Keep asking God to help me, walk with me and forgive me if my sins. We have to keep our eyes on Jesus. This also, makes the devil mad to.

People, Events, depression and stress comes over us as well, and even though I struggle with depression and stress allot, I do, do my best to count on God to help me.

We are to stand firm in our faith, in God, and pray we are to practice our confidence in God that everything will be okay. And everything will work out through God.

Jesus said, Nehemiah 4:20“Whatever you are going through remember, This to shall pass.”

When things in our lives happen, we shouldn’t assume the Lord will automatically intervene, without us asking Him to. We are to pray and ask Him to change our circumstances. Then we are to remain constant and stable just as Nehemiah did. This gives the devil the enemy that he’s going down for the downfall.

When the devil sees that his tricks and tactics and lies are not working, and he sees he’s losing. God will fight for us, just as He did for Nehemiah. And it’s we who will be able to get victory and God gets the Glory.

If, we are constancy and fearlessness all a sign to satan of his fall, this shows him that the only way he can overcome a believer is through deception and intimidation.

It’s our job to pray, trust and believe that the Lord Jesus to take care of our circumstances / We can’t waiver our faith and trust.

We have to firmly believe and have faith and trust in God, this gets the devil every time.

When we need help, we are to always go to God to ask confidently to ask Him for it. Nehemiah did, when he cried out to God. Nehemiah 6:9. But, now strengthen my hands!

After, we ask God to help we are to listen in our faith for His answer. The word explains that when we ask God for something we must ask in faith without wavering, no hesitating, no doubting. James 1:6

God wants us to be fully and completely confident in Him to manifest His power and love in our lives.