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My Thoughts From God 2014

My Thoughts From God

For I am coming sooner than one thinks. I am coming for those that believe in me and trust in me, those who are doing the things I ask them to do. Those which are not will not be able to reign with me those who are fussing, full of hate and vanity, shall not see my face they will not see heaven unless thing repent of their sins. Those who say, they believe in me, but yet they lie, curse, steal, think of themselves, they love money and not me I will not take with me.

Tell the people I am coming soon and very soon, and this is just the beginning of sorrows of what is happening around the world, the coastlines, people who all not repenting of their sins, will be lost, I have waited, I have given chances and only a few have taken heed, those who are trying so hard to be perfect, those who trust in me, believe in me, love me, all doing work for me, and has a loving heart, shall see me.

That is it, go tell the people.

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