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Shame On You Holding Grudges

Never tell things you know someone asks you not to always respect another person's trust and the confidence they have in you“Shame On You Holding Grudges”

In the Bible God gives perfect instructions on holding grudges as well as being a nosey nose and other sins we commit and not even aware of it.

Leviticus 19:18 Says, holding grudges can be a very dangerous thing and can hinder your blessings from God which He has been waiting to give you!

Always show love, never show hate towards someone, because it tears the Holy Spirit apart that God has placed inside you, plus if God would let Jesus come back you wouldn’t get to go to heaven because of you holding grudges and anger in your heart for people. Because when you hold grudges, grudges can hold up and turn into hate for someone which leads to eternal life in the bottomless pit of hell.

That’s one thing I never recall ever doing, is holding a grudge. No matter what people do to me or say to me I am always quick to forgive, and that is what everyone needs to be doing, instead of hating and looking for revenge on someone, because they don’t like what they did to them.

We are to always show other’s love, compassion, we are to love them Like Jesus Christ loved us when He died on the cross! If, anyone harbors hate, resentment, envy, malice etc in their hearts they are lost, and it would be awful if the Lord Jesus came back and your lamp was out and you holding grudges.

Always remember, we should loves other’s as we would love ourselves, we are to always respect and share Jesus’ love with the world. Hate bring strife not only in the life of the person you are holding the grudge against but your life as well.

Stay focused on God and His word, it will help you along your way to being a better person!