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The Passion Of Jesus’ Sacrifice

Jesus, is the Truth and the Life, He’s the light of your life, so why must you keep ignoring Him, and doing your own thing?The Passion Of Jesus’ Sacrifice

Written By: Patricia Burnette 2015

This came to my heart to write, it will not be perfect in grammar, so please don’t expect it to be. Have you ever tried to sit and wonder about what all Jesus sacrificed when He gave His life for us/ you?

Have you wondered what it would’ve been like in the days of Jesus, where He was beaten for you, He was flogged so bad, and spit at, He was kicked and hit, for you, His hands and feet were nailed to the cross, can you even begin to think how painful that was for Him?

How are you living? Are you claiming to love Jesus and claiming to believe and trust in Him, but you are cursing all the time, lying, stealing drinking to get drunk, you are so bitter inside that you just can’t handle it anymore so you lash out as those whom love you ?

Why must you sin? Is, sinning more important to you than Living for Jesus and bringing other’s to Christ? Is, cursing and hanging around the wrong people who are a bad influence on you more important than those who can help you in your walk in Christ? Is, drinking more important to you, than drinking ice cold water, or some juice, or maybe a coke? Is, smoking that marijuana more important for you to smoke than passing it by and saying “No thank you” that’s not for me, or I quit? Is, drugs and getting high as a kite, better for you than being High on Jesus Christ?

There are so many questions in your life which need answers! Jesus, has the answer for all your questions, and one of them is this! He can save you, He will wash your slate clean, and remember your sins no more!

Each time, you sin and refuse to let Him be in your heart and life, do you know you are placing Him back on the cross… and He has already been there, so why are you putting Him back on it. He died for you and He rose again after three days…

Jesus, is the Truth and the Life, He’s the light of your life, so why must you keep ignoring Him, and doing your own thing? You cannot say “I Love Jesus” and I trust in Him and Believe in Him, if you are sinning against Him and doing your earthly worldly thing!

We are to Love Him completely… not a little bit, not just a tad, or just half way…. It’s all the way or NO way!!

How can you say, I am going to do what I want when I want how I want, I’m going to act the way I want to, when I want to and how and no one is going to tell me I can’t? How, can you say I’m going to curse and drink if I want to and there isn’t no one going to stop me?

You cannot Love Jesus in the right way…. That isn’t Love. Jesus Is A Father of Love and Compassion, He is filled with passion for His people! He is full of Grace and Mercy, He is full of so much forgiveness and He has that for you.

You cannot serve two masters. It’s Jesus or the devil …. Jesus you have life for eternity, the devil you will burn in hell with him through all eternity. There is no getting out. But with Jesus, how what a beautiful Life you can have.. And the grace He has to give to you.

Jesus’ Love is so much greater than any other love you will ever experience…. His love is better than a sisters love, a brothers love, a mothers love and aunts love or husbands love, uncles etc.

You can sing all the gospel music all you wish to, you can talk about Jesus all you wish to, you can go to church all you want to but….. Unless you ask Jesus to come into your life and heart, you are wasting your time.

Jesus, wants to show you compassion and His love and the only way you will ever know this kind of truest Love is accepting Jesus as your personal savior. Being a Christian is not boring, the old saying “ life is what you make it” well if you make life boring than of course then that’s what you will get.

If, you want your Christian life to be boring then it’s all in how you make it.

God, wants us to have a good time and have fun, He wants us happy, He wants us to prosper, and love one another and show it. If, you want to experience Jesus, then aren’t you tired of living the life you are?

You tired of feeling alone, and ashamed for all you have done, the things you have said, maybe you think you’ve done to many things wrong, or you think your sin is to great?

There is salvation in Jesus, and He will forgive you… there is only one thing I was told that cannot be forgiven and that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Everything else we can be forgiven for. Jesus, keeps His promises and His love is awesome, and He will help you along your way. Why, walk alone or feel alone.

Why, not give Jesus a chance… He wont fail you…. Only we can fail Him!

If, you are tired of living the way you have been… you can have a better life, just by asking Him into your heart, He will change your path and change the heart which is lonely in you.

Father Jesus, I admit I am a sinner and I am so sorry for the things I have done and said, I need a savior and Jesus I need you. I need a savior to save me from my sins. Come into my heart and make me clean, give me the forgiveness which you have for me when you died on the cross. You shed your blood for me and I believe in you and I believe you have died and rose again. Come into my heart and save me In Jesus Name Thank you for saving me and coming into my heart. In Jesus Name amen I am now saved!


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