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Inspiring Quotes 4

I thought this would be really cool to have one the site! I am always trying to find things which cheer other’s up, and to make them happy! If, you have any “Inspiring Quotes” please share them with us, you can do this by contacting us, finding me on FB, and we will even put your Name to them, that you submitted the “Inspired Quote” with us and them. It gives you a good feeling inside when you can share something which will and can put a smile on someone’s face!!

  1. One of the most touching gestures often comes from complete strangers doing acts of kindness simply for the sake of love.
  2. One of the many blessings of a new day is the opportunity to start over and live a better, happier and more fulfilling life.
  3. Our greatest joy is not in our possessions, but in the loving relationships that we form, foremost of which is our intimacy with God Himself.
  4. Being hurt doesn’t mean you will never be happy again or that the one who hurt you has taken away your power to love & be loved to the full.
  5. It’s funny how we often stick so long with things that rob us of our joy and then give up so easily on dreams that can truly make us happy.
  6. Where there is no passion, you will always find excuses. Where there is love, you will always find a way.
  7. Pain has a big role in learning life’s lessons. Sometimes we don’t even get to learn the lesson unless we remember how badly something hurt.
  8. We seek love, not for the absence of pain, but for the presence of joy!
  9. God does not meet us first at our point of perfection, but at our point of pain.
  10. Our self worth should be anchored in God’s love alone. Only that is UNSHAKABLE!
  11. Each of us is God’s gift of love and joy for one another. Be the blessing you’ve always been meant to be!
  12. We beg people for morsels, when God had always been willing to give us a feast!
  13. We often ask “AM I GOOD ENOUGH?” or “DO I HAVE ENOUGH?” The more important question is “IS GOD ENOUGH?” And we’ll find out HE IS!
  14. The joys of eternity never run out, because love is meant to be savored over and over again.
  15. God does not waste anything, especially your tears.
  16. In this world, we can’t understand everything yet, and it’s a good thing. Because this tells us there must be a God who can.
  17. Our weeping is but for a moment, but our joy shall last forever!  Rejoice then and keep your hopes up, we are far more blessed than we believe.
  18. Don’t be so busy in life that you forget the people that make life worth living for.
  19. We all want to be beautiful because we want to be loved. In truth however, it is because God loved us that we become beautiful!
  20. There is a time for everything. A time to rest, and a time to love; a time to heal, and a time to fight for your dreams!
  21. True change comes not from fear, but from LOVE.
  22. Patience is looking towards tomorrow without losing sight of what we have today.It’s believing everything will be ok and for now, you can smile!
  23. God makes a million flowers bloom each day, and yet not one bud is forced to open before its time. God makes all things beautiful in His time.
  24. I am not my body. I am not my brain. I am more, much more and I realize the ME which no other can replace, as I see myself in God’s own eyes!
  25. We’re more comfortable doing something than doing nothing, but we need to be still if we want God to work out the miracles we’re praying for.
  26. When you hurt yourself, you’re not only hurting one person, but all the people who love you as well.
  27. When God says, let me take care of this, let Him. Don’t try to work your way for His blessings when He wants to shower you with His Gifts.
  28. Be thankful for doors that close the wrong path, they save you from wasting your time in the wrong direction.
  29. Let each dark trial be an opportunity to shine ever brighter than before.
  30. To love is to be courageous.
  31. When God isn’t giving you yet everything you want, maybe He is just giving you more opportunity to receive what it is you truly desire.
  32. Faith is the light which opens our eyes to see!
  33. Sometimes, things need to get worse before they really get better.
  34. In the journey of life, LOVE is both the compass that guides our way, and the fuel that propels us to our destination.
  35. Things don’t always turn out as planned. That’s a bad thing it seems, yet that’s a good thing, when things turn out far better than we thought!
  36. When all else seem lost, make a habit of looking up, for therein often lies our hope.
  37. The answer to most of life’s questions is in a single word-love. And heaven? A place where we can love without end.
  38. We want people to see us at our best, but we need them to love us at our worst because our worst is just as much a part of ourselves as our very best.
  39. Out of so many things that occupy our mind, how many of which enrich our souls in return? Think about it today. Feed your heart. Many of the most important things are indeed and still – INVISIBLE.
  40. There is a time to persevere and a time to give up, a time to dream and a time to move on and make better dreams!
  41. There is so much to love in each other, but we are so often blinded by little moons, which eclipse the entire SUNS of our beings

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