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Mountain Moving Prayer 7

Moving Mountains In Your LifeMountain Moving Prayer 7

In Jesus’ Name Father I come before you and I am going by your word, you say as long as we believe and trust in you, we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains, the highest mountains in our lives we can make move and be casted into the sea.

And that we can tell it to move yonder place and it shall be moved.

I command the mountain of hate and all evil all around the world and in families ,friends in our governments and all in other countries to be cast down crumbled up and thrown into the sea.

I command all evil and hate and self-righteousness and malice and tyranny and all forms of evil against your country and world to be thrown into the sea and never to return no more. In Jesus’ Name I command that the evil health insurance be casted out and torn to bits be also casted out into the sea and never to surface again. In Jesus’ Name Father I believe and trust in your word, your love for us and your world, that when we pray we will see things come to pass.

I trust in your Father Jesus because you are trustworthy and I know deep inside my heart that you hear the cries of your people whom come to you and seek your face and deliverance from all evil which has come against us and this world.

I know without a doubt that you hear my pleas and you will answer them, I Command the mountains of disbelief from those who strive to do evil upon this world and your people be stopped right now In Jesus’ Name, and that they will not be able to return to commit the evil again In Jesus’ Mighty and Powerful Name Jesus Amen Amen

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