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Rebuking The Evil In The World

Let's come together and pray and agree to rebuke and renounce the evil which has come upon this worldRebuking The Evil In The World

Let’s come together and pray and agree to rebuke and renounce the evil which has come upon this world. Did you know that we as Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, we are to pray for our country and for our government and for other’s all around the world?

Did you know that when we accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts as our Personal Savior, we have been given the Power to overcome the evil which comes against us and our families and in this world??

Did, you know that when we rebuke the devourer it bind him and his evil demons from destroying God’s world, His people, His children? If, more people would stand up and not be ashamed to rebuke and renounce the devil in their lives and their country we can rid the devil from touching those whom we love and care about!

If, we could get more people to come together and help stand against the devil and his evil works, we can and will be helping thousands of people across this world. Always before doing something like this though, always ask Jesus to help you, and guide you and give you the power to speak loud and firm, He will let you know who and what to rebuke!

Let’s Get Started Shall We

Father Jesus, I am coming before you and agreeing with every person which is doing the same, and we are coming against the power of satan in full force so lead us and guide us into what to say and keep us strong and firm, let us be able to use the power of your voice, your mercy to allow the Holy Spirit to take a hold of us In Jesus Name We Thank You Lord Jesus We Love You In Jesus Name Amen Amen

Say A Loud and Stand Firm

In Jesus Name satan we bind you and we rebuke you with God’s power and His strength through us, to give us the power and the authority to bind every evil areas you have placed upon this world, we REBUKE you and all your evil ways, your evil demons take with you, we bind every every evil action, every evil thought, every evil whisper, every evil motive you have placed inside the minds of the people, we bind every evil stake you have tried to take from God’s people, you have to put back In Jesus’ Name.

We bind and rebuke you and all evil in the white house, on our streets, in our homes, in our schools, in our stores, in our worldly countries, we rebuke you satan right now, we bind all evil thoughts, evil words and all evil control which you have on our leaders all around the world. WE renounce you and rebuke your strength and power over all Right now In Jesus’ Mighty and Powerful Name.

We bind and rebuke the hold of which you have on this world, we bind and rebuke you and we command you now to leave this world and all the people in it, In Jesus Name leave everyone alone satan we don’t own us, we are not yours we are GOD’S and you cannot have anyone In Jesus’ Might Name,

In Jesus name we bind and rebuke and we renounce you right now, get out of here and this world In Jesus Name Thank You Jesus for giving us the power and authority In Jesus name Amen!

Now, didn’t that feel good! Do this a few times a day if you wish to, and we will see God’s Power and His Loving Hands at work and satan has to flee just by the mention of Jesus’ Name! Amen!

Did you get the chills!!!!!! Thank You Lord Jesus We Thank You and We Give All The Glory and Honor To You In Jesus’ Name Amen!

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