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The Rewards of Patience

The Bible promises that if we will be patient, we will receive great rewardsThe Rewards of Patience

A reward comes when you do not lose confidence in God’s ability to bless you.

The Bible promises that if we will be patient, we will receive great rewards. A reward comes when you do not lose your confidence in God’s ability to bless you, even when circumstances seem to deny all your hopes and dreams. The apostle Paul declared that he even gloried in tribulations, knowing that the end result would bring glory to God and blessings on his own life.

“We glory in tribulations,” Paul said. He meant that we should take advantage of them. It does not mean that we like them, but that we experience them with a positive outlook knowing that God is working through them for our good, and that through them, we will develop patience and a more Christ like character.

Exercising patience in the midst of adversity helps our spirit to become strong.

“… and patience experience, and experience hope,” he adds. We grow spiritually as we experience firsthand what the word of God will do in our lives.

Our experience will strengthen our confidence in God’s ability to work on our behalf. Hope enables us to realize that we are going to be victorious in the end. Hope is positive expectation, and it makes us unashamed. In other words, we are not embarrassed over things that happens along the way when we know that we are going to win in the long run.

On the other hand, a person who becomes impatient, who gives up too soon and fails to receive God’s blessings, has reasons to be ashamed. A lot of people that give up walk quietly around with their heads down low for the rest of their lives.

They are ashamed because they gave up too soon and missed the rewards, they would have received had they been patient and persistent towards the goal. Not only do they lose the reward of inheriting the promises, but they also miss the experience of growing more into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we are persistent in obeying God’s word, and run the race with patience, we become possessors of the Divine nature and the promises of God that are in His word, as the apostle Peter says:

“Through the promises of God, you and I partake of our inheritance. The promises of God define what we are entitled to now as heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus”.

And We Can Possess God’s Promises. If you will continue to exercise patience, every promise in God’s word can and will be fulfilled in your life. So, follow the exhortation of Hebrews, and reap the rewards of exercising patience in your life. It’s worth the cost!