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Decree and Declare

How To Decree God's WordI DECREE & DECLARE & AFFIRM

I Decree and Declare & Affirm, that by God’s Grace and His mercy I am all His and I am filled with His Love and Grace for Him to reach down and help me constantly forever show.

I Decree and Declare & Affirm that my family will be saved and filled with love, kindness, grace and mercy for one another.

I Decree and Declare & Affirm salvation over my husband and my son and my family, for them to open their hearts and allow God to enter in them and change their lives and fill them with compassion and love for each other.

I Decree and Declare & Affirm that Our World’s Leaders and Government be filled with the Love of The Lord and they be covered with the Grace and Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I Decree and Declare & Affirm, good health, full prosperity to be over each and every person all around the world, for them to be covered and Blessed all the days of their lives.

I Decree and Declare & Affirm, that everyone be blessed and prosperous and be financially stable, for those to find good jobs, to have their bills paid in full.

I DECREE & DECLARE & AFFIRM this Prayer In Jesus’ Mighty and POWERFUL NAME Amen Amen!


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