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Prayer For Redemption of Evil

Father Jesus, I come before you and ask of you to hear my plea for the people of this world.Prayer For Redemption of Evil

Written On :10-17-2014

Father Jesus, I come before you and ask of you to hear my plea for the people of this world. Countries, all around this world Father. Father Jesus, this world is in such distress and we all need you, we need your divine intervention to step in for the safety of this world.

Forgive, America and outlaying countries for their sins against you Father Jesus. Forgive the leaders of this world all over for their wrongfully made decisions of your world. Bring the evil which has come against this world to shame, lift your hands down and cause them to fall down to the shame they have done and have caused against the world Father, the leaders which believe in you, bring conviction to their hearts to bend down and ask your forgiveness of what they have helped and allowed to be done to your world.

Make their evil minds convict them and their hearts Father, make their wrongful decisions crowd their minds and force them to want to repent to get rid of their conviction, for all those have placed their trust in the hands of man and not in your word.  Stop their evil agendas and lay upon their hearts to only do what is right Father.

The evil which they have brought to your world and the abominations in which they are allowing Father, that is harming your children , your people, Father I ask that you forgive them and deal with their hearts Father, Let, all the evil cleanse their mouths with only good and godly thoughts and decisions , Father. Remove all the evil out of leaderships around the world, and all evil which have caused and brought evil to those who love you and need and want to see your hands of forgiveness and the protection of your strength and of your healing hands.

Father, this is your world and you entrusted it to your people and those who are to go far and beyond to protect it has failed tremendously and I ask that your hand reach down and heal your country of all diseases, viruses, all sickness and evil doers, around the world, make every blind person see, and lame walk, and all those who have not repented to repent. 

Cause them to be in full shame of what they have done and cower themselves down and admit their wrongs and ask for your forgiveness of their evil ways in Jesus Name Amen amen