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Are You Repenting of Your Sins

Stop it, Ask Forgiveness, Truly Repent and Not do it againAre You Repenting of Your Sins?

2 Samuel 11:5

There have been many times that I wish I would’ve never committed not one sin. There are times when I just wish I could take it all back and start over, but the deal is I can’t.

Once done, and said, it’s already happened and it’s over with, no turning back. But, there is a few things which I can do and that is ; Stop it, Ask Forgiveness, Truly Repent and Not do it again!

There were times in my young days, I didn’t even know or realize I was sinning. But, as a grew older and I have looked back, and seen just what an awful person I was back then and I should’ve been ashamed of myself, for doing and saying the things I did.

I’m not perfect and I didn’t never claim I was, but if I just knew all I know now, then I surely never would’ve done the awful things I did and said. I thought I knew what was better for me.

But, as I grew older and had more knowledge and understanding and things wasn’t going the way I felt they needed to, I messed up and still plenty of times, I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. Many times if I catch myself, I would right then say “I’m sorry, I really am, forgive me!”

I would even continue to ask God to forgive me for things I already have because I still try to figure out what things I’ve done that I haven’t asked for forgiveness for.

Just like David, in 2 Samuel 11:15, David had ordered Uriah to be killed after he had committed adultery with Uriah’s wife. He waited a long time before he repented of what he had done. And, what David should’ve done was repent right then, but he waited.

When we sin, sins gets worse and leads us to more sin, and when we sin, we must repent then and ask God to forgive us, and not wait. If, we repent, God is trustful and faithful to forgive us right then, and we don’t get or keep ourselves in the web of sin, that the devil wants us to stay in.

We need to stay clean and allow God, to change us and by His forgiveness we wont stay in sin. We can always count on God, to forgive us for what we do and say, don’t wait, don’t do like David, and dint try ti think or figure out what all you have done in sin like I did years ago.

Repent of your sins then when you knew you sinned –– and walk away from it.

If, we hold on to the sin and try to hide them, it just makes things worse and we are causing ourselves too be deceived. Ask God to forgive you and your sins!