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Are You Thanking God For Everything

Are You Thanking God For EverythingLuke 17:11-19

Every time, I pray I find myself, “Thanking GOD” for everything and I mean everything. I am talking about all things, the birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, the grass that grows, the sun that shines, the moon that gives it’s light, the stars, the people in my life, my husband, my new car, my friends, my family, all the material things which He has blessed me with, my aunts, uncles, sister’s, children, my nieces, nephews, my parents, His forgiveness for sins, His love and His mercy and grace, Thanking Him even for the next day that hasn’t even arrived yet, everything in which I have been given by God!

I find myself, “Thanking Him for Everything I can think of to Thank Him for” 

God has blessed me so much, and why wouldn’t I want to “Thank Him” for everything, from my clothes to my cars, my home, my health, my family, friends, my husband, my children, as I mentioned above. Anytime, we are given things, and people in our lives, we should always be “Thankful to God” for them. You didn’t obtain all you have and all that is in the heavens and skies, by yourself, you don’t get that credit, GOD does!!!!

Let me explain something, just because you work, and you make money and you buy things, does NOT mean the credit goes to yourself. God, gives you, your job, He gives, you your cars, He gives you your homes, He gives you your clothes, He gives you your families, He gives you the furniture and luxuries which you have and live in. You didn’t give yourself anything. I am not trying to be harsh or mean, I am simply trying to get you to understand, what you have is not in your credit….. It’s GOD’s CREDIT we are to GIVE HIM!

All good things come from above, from the Heavens, from God’s Grace and His Mercy! It is very important for us to “Thank God” for everything! When was your last time, when you went down your list, of things to Thank God for, things that you have gotten in your life, things that you have accomplished, things that came out the way you wanted them to, things which you never thought of having or not realizing that there is so many things which we all can give God Thanks for!

Some, don’t think it’s right to Thank God for something that they haven’t seen yet, but we are to “Thank God” for all things whether they are already in our lives or has not yet been given to us yet.

Just because we haven’t seen certain breakthroughs in our lives, don’t mean we shouldn’t be “thankful” for them yet. It’s very important for us to activate the attitude of the Gratitude for ALL GOD has done and has given us in our lives, because we didn’t obtain it by ourselves, and God is the CREDITED One, we can’t take the credit for something and things we cannot possibly do on our own.

Be like the leper and be thankful to God for all the work He has done in your life, for things which you have, and for God; unfailing Love, and His Grace and for all God means to you!