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Renouncing Satan off Families of Own

Agreement In Prayer Group Agreement In Prayer Group
Renouncing Satan off Families of Own
Matthew 18: 21,22

Tells us that God expects us to forgive others repeatedly. No matter how many times they have offended us. If we can not forgive others, then God won’t forgive us. Matthew 6: 14, 15

As believers if we don’t forgive others for all they have done to us or against us, we will never have a joyful filled life, the victorious life God intended for us to have. God intended for our lives to be joyful, fulfilled and victorious. God, never wanted His children to live in dangerous and unproductive lives, He never wanted His children to sin and do as the heathens do, He wanted His children to live for Him, and only Him, not the devil and his evil demons.

But, in order for us to live the way God intended us to be we have to forgive anyone and everyone who has wronged us. We have to stop all we are doing wrong and come to grips with reality and leave our sinful lives, otherwise we are going to end up in “HELL” where satan and his evil demons of craftiness, and manipulation and hate, murderers and liars, deceivers , etc. are.

Look folks, hell is not a place where we want to go and we sure do NOT want our families to go there either. God gives us ways to renounce and rebuke the devil. Even if you do not forgive other’s, how can you expect God to be able to forgive you, when you refuse to allow other’s to be forgiven………. not forgiving other’s is a sin as well, just as if you would go out and take something that isn’t your’s, or you kill someone, or if you go rob a bank, it’s all a sin so how can you think that by not living for God, you will get to heaven?

It don’t matter how many times, the bible says 7 times 70. (Matthew 18: 21, 22) Peter asked Jesus how many times he had to forgive his brothers. “up to seven times?” “Jesus” answers was not seven times but seventy times that money.

Jesus taught us to pray “and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven (left remitted and let go of the debts and have given up resentment against our debtors.” Matthew 6:12

God is a God of mercy and this issue of forgiveness is very important to Him. If you want Him to give you mercy then you have to give mercy. You have to show other’s God lives in you, and you have to act like it. Show yourself, that you can learn to forgive and you do not have to live like the heathens do, you have to get your act together and help your family to this as well.

With all that is going on in this world, and families going astray and not living in the life that God had planned for them, we have to have some leverage, the leverage GOD gave us all, to “renounce satan and his evil demons from hell.”

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