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Being Thankful 1

Thank You Jesus for Everything you have done!



Instead of complaining about things be THANKFUL anyway… You will be surprised how this will change your circumstances and the environment around you… When you pray be THANKFUL FOR ALL THINGS… you see the word ALL!!! 

I always do my best to THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING… this is usually my prayer… We are to THANK GOD FOR ALL THINGS and then proceed with our needs which God already knows. 

Father, I THANK YOU so much for the birds the bees the flowers and the trees the the grass that grows the sun the moon the blue skies the skies of gray the sun the moon that shines… THANK YOU for the stars that shine the clouds the butterflies… THANK YOU, FATHER, for your mercy your grace you love your passion your kindness your forgiveness your patience you’re understanding. THANK YOU, FATHER, for all the times I have failed you and you never left me you never forsaken me. THANK YOU, FATHER, for your healing your touch your goodness your blessings great and small your tenderness your divine favor your financial breakthroughs… THANK YOU for loving me beyond all my faults when I fail you are still here… THANK YOU for all the people you have placed in my life to try to help THANK YOU for all you have given me even though I don’t deserve it because I am a sinner… THANK YOU for dying on the cross and doing all you did to save me heal me make your mercy and grace known to me… THANK YOU, FATHER, FOR ALL YOU DO AND HAVE DONE IN MY LIFE… LOVE YOU FATHER JESUS AND THANK YOU FATHER JESUS FOR LOVING ME!!!