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Jesus Love

  God does not damn, He Blesses, He only Damns those that refuse to listen“He Loved Us So Much He Died”

How often have you stopped and thought about “Jesus Dying for You?” Have you even imagined how hard it was to be treated so awfully that day that Jesus died on that cross, for Us?

In Revelation 1:5, plainly let’s us know how much “Jesus Christ” loves us, He shed His Blood, He was nailed to the cross, He was beaten brutally, so we can be freed from our awful sins in our lives we committed.

“You are worth something, because Jesus Loves You and He Died and shed His Blood for you.

Never let someone’s thoughts or words allow your sense of worth be based on other’s opinions and their actions.

Do not try to find your worth in how you look or what you do. Do NOT try to find worth in How other’s people treat you.

Instead, let your sense of worth come through your relationship Through Jesus Christ. He Loves You so much, and you are Secure in Him, so much more than you will ever or could be with someone else.

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