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Satan Can Work Through Anyone

Satan Can Work Through AnyoneSatan Can Work Through Anyone
Luke 22:3

Many people even families that are close we trust, we don’t think that they would hurt us, our friends no way!

Let’s take a look at, Judas, he was one of Jesus’ disciples, but yet we can read in Luke 22:3 that satan entered into him.

No matter who our friends, family are, we have to make sure we understand that, satan can work through anyone, even in those that are very close to us and we trust, those which we values and trusted with our lives. We don’t ever want to think they would do anything to hurt us, take from us, or talk behind our backs, etc. but this can happen and has happened to many people.

However, this doesn’t mean we should set ourselves up a wall and end up being mean, hateful, bitter, or snobby, sour toned towards them. Never do that, never even let that thought come into your mind! That isn’t the way God wants us to be, and not act.

You know the saying “well, I guess we just can’t trust anybody, these days” or wow, “we cannot trust noone now days” or maybe even this one,” why can’t people be trust worthy what is their problem” there can be many ways to say this. But, we are to love people, and care about them no matter how they treat us or what they think of us.

Trusting someone, is hard but we are to trust them, we can’t live our lives waiting to be hurt or disappointed, we all fail sometime or other in our lives, and other people fail also. At, some point down the road in our lives someone is bound to disappoint us somewhere, somehow.

We are to put our trust in God, those who hurt us, take from us, will be taken care of for doing us wrong somewhere down the line, it’s not our job to take care of it, we are to just forgive them and pray for them and move on. But, we are to always show them love never hatred for what they did to us. God will deal with them, in His own manner and ways, God don’t need our help!

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