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Scripture Verses On Depression 2

Depression, is a feeling it cannot be explained. It's something which happens to us, and no one can determine the feelings it gives usVersus on Depression 2

I get depressed all the time I will not act like I don’t or I am the perfect Christian. I make mistakes everyday just about. I have been treated for depression a few times.
Depression, is a feeling it cannot be explained. It’s something which happens to us, and no one can determine the feelings it gives us. I suffered from severe depression before and I still do.

Why do I get depressed? There are many reasons why __ even though I do my best to stay to myself is because all my family knows to do is, fuss, gripe, complain, start fights, get mad at those who stand up for what they believe in, or they get jealous of what a person has more than them.

They can’t get their way so there is no peace, getting mad at you and cuss you, lie on you because you can’t do something you are always walking on eggshells because you don’t know fun one minute to next who is going to start what, when or why. This person hates this person forced to do something to keep peace whether you feel it’s right or not. Or someone just keeps fussing or keeps something going until you give in.

Homebased business had since 1996 poof down the drain because of always being upset, and a nervous wreck because noon acts like you are to succeed about something. No one acts like you should be happy, it seems like if they are miserable they want you that way to, or if they are mad about something or with someone they are mad about something or with someone they want you to be to. Then they are wonder why you move away to get away from it all or most of it.

You have a happy content marriage, they don’t so they are jealous, you buy a new car they have to go buy one, you get a computer, they go in debt to get one. You buy new curtains they have to to, you have new furniture they just have to have it to, I mean when does it end.

Just on my depression would be a entire book on why I am always depressed.

Mainly, my family can not love one another, and get along, stop hating others, stop their back biting, cursing, lying, vulgar likes, their actions, their outlook, their personalities, the whole deal.

Why can’t they get it together and be a true loving – caring family.

Can’t have get togethers because someone is all the time mad at someone, hate someone, or don’t want to be around them. Or, someone always has to be the center of attention and cause a scene or make sure that they are known they surely was there.

I just have had enough, I’m tired of being depressed all the time – this world is and going to the pits because of this right here “No one knows the meaning of love caring togetherness, teamwork, Jesus love what he done for them!”

Stop putting Jesus back in the cross He was already there and His off of it. His alive get it together – because you will wish you had.

The word will defeat the enemy every time.

Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah 51:11

Isaiah 61:3

Philippians 4:8

Romans 8:38-39