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Decreeing and Declaring 2

How To Decree God's Word

“Are You Decreeing & Declaring?”

How To Decree God’s Word

Used With Permission of Brenda Craig

“You will decree a thing and it will be established for you and light will shine on your ways” (Job 22:28 NASB) “By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible” (Heb 11:3 NASB).

Words satisfy the mind as much as fruit does the stomach; good talk is as gratifying as a good harvest.

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit-you choose” (Proverbs 18:20-22 Message Bible)

These scriptures are the heart and soul of decreeing the Word of God. Declaring God’s Word counteracts the many words of death so often spoken without any realization of their power and the consequences born of said power.

It is time to shift the tide of our lives, time to quit asking our heavenly Father to do something He has already done in Christ. It is time to decree, proclaim and declare the divine will He has already completed at the Cross.

Decree means to give an official order with the power of legislation issued by a rule or person with authority.

We are simply issuing a decree, legislating with an authority given to us by God Himself to bring about His already stated divine will.

Divine Will is to make an official order, pronouncement, or legal ruling to effect something.

When we speak His word which is already established in the heavens, we enforce it through verbal agreement. Our words become the bridge linking heaven and earth. Literally speaking, we bring Heaven to earth and when Heaven is loosed in lives or in the earth at large, things have to change.

Proclaim is to announce something publicly or formally.

You have to speak in order to announce something. And to what public do we announce? In the case of spiritual decrees based on the Word, we are announcing to evil forces in high places, saying, “God’s word has preeminence over what we see in the natural and demand it acquiesce to the spoken living Word.”

Declare is to begin a fierce campaign to get rid of something or start fighting in earnest for or against something.

The word fierce should get our attention. We are informed the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force (Matt 11:12). Other words for fierce are: violent, ferocious, brutal, vicious, aggressive like the anger of a guard dog and with intensity. When we declare over another life the heart and Word of God we are like a guard dog on their behalf. In the case of declaring against injustice there are to be no holds barred in our brutal, vicious assault on the enemy.

Time and Effort

I am often asked how many times, how often, or how long one should decree. The simple answer is, “Until it is manifest or Holy Spirit speaks clearly and releases you.”
Decreeing, proclaiming or declaring is not something we pick up and do once in a while. We do it till we see the answer, the fruit, if you will. We do it till we can pick up the juicy fruit and bite into the ripeness of sweet success. We do it until we can eat of it, share it, and fill the earth (Gen 1:28).

One caution I would give you is this; Do not be dismayed or be discouraged when decreeing starts to feel in any way as if you are doing it by rote. This is one of the biggest ploys of the enemy to get you off track, to stop you in your tracks. When we buy into this lie we begin to believe there is no power because we are just mouthing words. This is not possible seeing the Word has its own inherent power because it is living. No, we are not just mouthing words; we are releasing power no matter how it looks or feels. Consistency is the key, not feelings.


Remember, God’s Word does not return void and He watches over His Word to perform it (Isaiah 55:11 Jeremiah 1:12). In other words, it is His job to bring it to pass and your job to release the Word into your life by declaring, decreeing and proclaiming. The Word’s power is not based on how we feel, think, or anything else, because it is living and is endued with inherent power by God. What a freeing principle this is, knowing we could never, ever do it right enough. All we have to do is speak in agreement and He performs it.

Reality of Life in the Earth Today and God’s Remedy

You and I both know it is so very easy to speak negative words, focus on negative aspects, and believe everything will always be the same. At every turn we are bombarded with negative news and hopeless prognostications intended to rob our hope. We all know if we speak adverse words over someone’s life long enough they will embrace those words as being who they are. As a result, death is created. The purpose, the beauty of who God says they are is robbed. This, if not corrected, goes on for generations to come, with increase. I am here to say there is a better way.

The world we live in today can only be transformed one person, Jesus Christ and His Word. How else will the Word of God be loosed into the earth, into our families unless we speak it?

The scripture tells us God framed the worlds with His words and we are created in His image (Heb 11:2-4 Gen 1:27). Since we are created in His image, He expects us to be like Him in what we say, thereby, framing our own world around us with our words too. Our saying will reshape our doing.

He has given us an abundance of building blocks in the Word and we can choose to use them or not, to speak life or not. Regardless of which we choose to do, speak life or speak death, the Word is clear. We will eat the fruit produced by our labors, our words.

Often times we needlessly wonder what God’s will is, worrying more about the grand scheme of things, neglecting the very basic will of His Word.

God’s Word is His will and you are brought into alignment with His will when you speak His Word. There is no other way. There are no shortcuts. However, there are incentives, promises and rewards to those who do not grow weary in doing good.

Many have asked, “Do I have to speak it out loud?”
The answer is, “Yes!” And why?

Because everything Father God ever did was done with words. Reflect back over creation and remember how many times He said, “Let there be!” The word “spoke and speak” are used over 1400 times in the New King James Version. Obviously speaking has great relevance and power.

Everywhere you turn, people are spewing negative, critical words of death, totally unaware or unwilling to look at the consequences of their words. Much is done out of habits learned and taught in homes around the world. It is time for a change, time for a transformation to take place. It is time to be fruitful, multiply, take dominion and fill the earth with His glory, to fill the earth with His word. It is time for us to see our own personal lives transformed (Gen 1:28).

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide material from various anointed teachers in this area in order to give a well rounded picture and greater understanding. We encourage you to take advantage of all we offer and grow in to the person He as called you to be by coming into verbal agreement with His Word.

We will be adding decrees weekly to assist you in this new adventure, this new walk with Him. We encourage you to print those you need and keep them near by where you can speak them in your prayers or free time.

In the days to come each decree will be available in audio format which you can download, enabling you to listen at your convenience while doing chores, resting, or even sleeping. Your spirit is always awake and hungry for His Word. Think of it this way; your heart is born again into something brand new and requires a whole new diet, a diet of the Word. Feed your heart, your spirit the proper diet and stand back…because…

Transformations will come because speak His will, His living Word over our life, and will bring about change in the world around us, filling it with the manifestation of Christ. It must and will start with our life first. It all starts with you, with me.

The Challenge

Are you willing to take a 30 day challenge with any of the above decrees? If you are, please let us know by sending us your stories, your testimonies. We will publish them in order to encourage others to “speak well and reap well” For your protections we will not publish any personal identification outside of first name and state in your testimonies unless you request otherwise.

Brenda Craig Copyright 2007 All rights Reserved

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