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20 Things That Is An Abomination To God

20 Reasons For Not Living In Sin 20 Things That Is An Abomination To God
Proverbs 3

Like I was telling my husband and a few others, that there is so much in the Bible, that is so full of important information, and we all need to know it, and hold it to our hearts.

I have learnt so much by researching and reading the Drake Bible, and Joyce Meyers Bible. I have found so many things, which I didn’t know, and things I did know, but were explained easier for the understanding of our minds.

I created most of the pages on back in 1998 up to now and here’s is one I think it will be interesting also to know just what “God” puts up with. I see people on “Facebook” allot saying that this and that is wrong and this and that isn’t true, but yet they refuse to look it up in the Bible! 


20 Things That Is An Abomination To God

1. The Froward Man, Perverse One Who Turns aside ________Proverbs 3:32,11:20
2. A proud Look _____________________________________Proverbs 6:16-17
3. A Lying Tongue ___________________________________Proverbs 6:17, 12:22
4. Hands That Shed Innocent Blood _____________________Proverbs 6:17
5. A Wicked Scheming Heart ___________________________Proverbs 6:18 
6. Feet quick To Sin __________________________________Proverbs 6:18
7. A False Witness That Speaks Lies _____________________Proverbs 6:19
8. A Sower of Discord ________________________________Proverbs 6:19
9. Wickedness ______________________________________Proverbs 8:7
10.A False Balance __________________________________Proverbs 11:1
11.Sacrifice of The Wicked ____________________________Proverbs 15:8,21:27
12.The Way of The Wicked ___________________________Proverbs 15:9
13.The Thoughts of The Wicked _______________________Proverbs 15:26
14.The Proud of Heart _______________________________Proverbs 16:5
15.Justifying the Wicked _____________________________Proverbs 17:15
16.Condemning The Just _____________________________Proverbs 17:15
17.Divers Weights ___________________________________Proverbs 20:10,23
18.Divers Measures __________________________________Proverbs 20:10
19.Refusing To Hear the Law __________________________Proverbs 28:9
20.Prayer of The Rebel _______________________________Proverbs 28:9