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How Do We Pray

Isaiah 64:7

Hebrew – Chazag, to fasten upon, seize, be strong courageous, obstinate, to bind, restrain to conquer, catch cleave to, to be constant, continue to keep praying, force by holding on, mountain moving, maintain, play the man was mighty, prevail, retain, be urgent and strong.

All these meanings can be understood with prayer. If one would just stir themselves up in this manner refusing to be denied and if he would appropriate in every benefit of the promises and covenants of God which have been freely and abundantly given to all men, then such person would surely experience answers to prayers for the body, soul and the spiritual for himself and others.
I really thought this was interesting and thought I’d share it with you.
I know this is short, but this explains how we should pray and to continue no matter what. I hope this helps you to understand how we should pray.