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God Is The God of Hearts

Have you ever stopped and actually sat down and gotten a pen and paper and took an inventory of your heart and your thoughtsGod Is The God of Hearts

1 Samuel 16

There are many people who put on the fronts and make other’s think and they are either the happiest people ever, or they act as if nothing bothers them, they act as if they have a pure heart, when in reality their heart is impure the whole entire time.

Have you ever stopped and actually sat down and gotten a pen and paper and took an inventory of your heart and your thoughts?

Why not go ahead and try it, now or you may wish to wait until after you read this? Are you a Christian, do you believe in God Almighty? What kind of heart do you have? Is it pure, is it hateful is it wicked and all for yourself? Is it a loving and caring heart? Is your heart understanding, do you clash out when things do not go your way? Is your heart eager to cause problems and jealousy which causes malice?

Have you even began to think about the status of your heart?

Did you know –– God is the Almighty God of Hearts? He is the Almighty of Everything high and low! There is something maybe you should know about God right now –– God does not look at our exterior –– or the things we do, nor does He judge us as an individual by the criteria.

God only Judges Us by Our Heart, men judge us by the flesh. In 1 Samuel 16:7 it shows us God judges us according to our hearts ––– Yep!

Now, before you get all excited, let me say this; just because God Judges us by “Our Hearts” doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse God’s Judgment. Let me explain!

God judges by the heart, but that don’t give any of us the right to decide to go do what we know is wrong and curse, lie drink, commit crimes, because that would mean your heart is NOT of a LOVING Nature!

God, wants to use people who are caring and loving, ones who don’t mind doing for other’s and not being self-righteous. Did you get that? He wants to use people who have feelings, for other’s but yet have feelings for HIM, those who want to do their best to do His will, and not of man’s (which is our own).

As, I mentioned people can put on an act of a pure heart, but in reality people can be really hateful underneath that act of  pureness and be as wicked as they come!

Now, some may be dealing with mental problems, like personality issues, maybe even some real bad habits on their part, and on their outside and very possible of having still the right kind of heart on the inside.

God, is more likely going to use a person which has a good heart and some problems that need fixing than He is going to use someone who appears to be perfect outwardly, but in which has a wicked and hateful heart.

If, you want to be a successful Christian, or want to be used by God as leaders in His Kingdom, we have to get in touch with our own hearts, our attitudes, our thoughts and yes even our feelings towards ourselves and yes again with other’s. We have to be in total touch with our own lives.

Our motives can be deceiving if we do not know how to get in touch with ourselves, but our motives even have to be consistent with God’s heart!

We have to have a pure heart, just like God has. This is very vital so we need to take serious inventory and put action into it, by taking inventory of our hearts, thoughts, motives, attitudes.

We need to work with the Holy Spirit and let him work with us and help us change our hearts, and when we allow the Holy Spirit to work our hearts and even our minds will change, then our attitudes will change. Everyone needs to take inventory of their hearts, it’s just not for some it’s for all of us. NO ONE IS EXEMPT!

The Holy Spirit will help and give us the right thoughts and attitudes of Jesus to be in us! Philippians 2:5