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You Are Special Believe It

You Are Special

Awhile back, I was sitting in my prayer room and all the sudden I felt this feeling inside my heart to write this down, what I felt the Lord wanted me to do. So please read and I hope it will be a blessing to you! I believe this was written sometimes in 2013-2015, not exactly sure when.

I love you, you are special to me I didn’t say the road would be easy I didn’t say you wouldn’t have tests and trails this is what I want you to do and I will help you.

I know Satan has been messing with you and interfering with what you want to do I know he has been giving you a hard time and computer issues but you have held on haven’t given up. You have kept your eyes on me, you continued to pray even when you were sick and you haven’t given up on me and that’s what I love is someone not giving up on me. Continue to abide in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. Never loose hope never loose you from focus on me.

I am the one who saved you from all the times you could’ve died. I am the one who lifted you from the interstate from the 2-18 wheelers that was racing, I am the one who saved you from the many rapes, I am the one who saved you when the black man got in your back door and took a knife and threaten you and he violated you.

I am the one who saved you when your brother died and you took an overdose of expired stress pills, I am the one who took you to hell, I am the one who woke you when you could not move when you tried to hard to nudge your husband at the time, I am the one who allowed you to wake up, if it had not been for me you would have died.

I am the one who has protected you from all the beatings, the starving, the abuse, the sexual abuse, I am the one who saved you from car wrecks, I am the one who gave you life, a new start.

I am the one who allows you to be forgiven for all your sins, don’t let no one tell you when you come to me and ask me to forgive you I don’t because I do that would mean my father and I are liars and we can’t be for my father made the law.

Remember, I am the one who has been there to protect you, love you, guide you, walk with you.

I am the one who gives you what you have, I allowed it. I am the one who gave you your children, I am the one who gives and takes away, not to hurt you but because I love you, because I want to make you stronger in me so you can be what I need you to be, I need more of my people to be strong and not to give up on me.

If people would just remember what I did for them on the cross, the day I died for them, the day I shed my blood, the stripes I bore, the spear in my side, they just do not know what it was like to be beaten like they did that day.

If the people would repent of their sins I will save the world I will bless them, keep them from harm. I didn’t come to condemn the world but I have come to save the world from the wrath that is coming to this world.

Everything I have told you and told you in the past tell the people tell them to repent for I am coming soon I am coming with wrath, I am coming to take back my people I am coming back to take what is mine.

For their redemption is drawing nigh and I want to save this world, but there are billions who will not listen, they think it is a joke, that they have plenty of time. Go and told those who will believe and listen to my words what I have just told you. For they don’t have much time left. Go now and pray and continue in my word for it tells the truth remember. I am with you always.

There is so much hate and animosity in your family there is allot of selfishness in those that are around you, boastings, lying, those that curse and say my name in vain, those who say they can’t do things when they don’t even put their trust in me to try.