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Privacy Policy

“Simple and to the Point”

There are many times when I go to a website, I will check out their “Privacy Policies” wow there is just way to much to read and try to comprehend.

So Our Privacy Policy is really Simple to the Point no long lines of continuous mumbo jumbo, things that does not even apply to the type of website it is. So below you will see Our’s in Simple Easy To Read Form!

Our Privacy Policy, is also very simple and to the Point!

The only personal information we collect is only:

Your Real Name
You Real Email Address
Your Prayer Request

We have no other reason for any other information from you. If, you make a Donation to Our Web Site, that goes through Our Payment Processors, we DO NOT Keep no Credit Card information, or anything else in that area.

We Strive to make this Web Site a Pleasure and full of Useful Information we have no reason to collect or attempt to collect any information Our site does not handle!

Thanks & May God Bless You Always!
Patricia Burnette