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Binding Satan From Family How to Protect Them

Renouncing Satan and His Evil DemonsDevotional “Binding Satan From Family How to Protect Them”

I am 50 will be 51 in October of this year 2013. And, I have been through the mill so to speak, and I am sure everyone has, and has always, had problems and issues of satan interfering and trying to do his utmost best to steal, kill and destroy “Our Family.”

A long time ago, when I was doing all this research actually for a book, and in 1998 I felt led to create a site called , “Heaven’s Beauty- Wisdom of Jesus.”

Well this year I felt led to bring it back online, and re-construct it. The reason why it has been offline so long and or not updated, is because of this:

Satan….computer viruses, hard drives failing, corrupted files, loss of data, changing drives, and being sick, or something was always an issue, same way in my home business I had and still have a few , but he is always, making himself a nuisance, and a pain. So after watching Christian Television etc, reading of the bible and listening to other Christian programs, I learnt myself, how to do exactly what this Devotional talks about.

And, through the years, I have told satan where to go and get off, and do you know, he does not bother me half as much as he used to. Because he knows I will tell him off and quote verses from the bible, and tell him I am not yours satan I am God’s and I will never be yours again, so the best thing for you to do, is


So , I pray the information and verses below will help you as it did me. God Bless Everyone!!!

More Information on Satan and His Names Below:

The information which I have written below is the meanings of some of satan’s names and they also have their referenced scriptures along with them.

No, I didn’t make a mistake by thinking I forgot what I put on the “previous devil news” I have included some of the same here as well… due to their true meanings.

So, again I pray this helps you and if you like you can print this page…

Binding Satan from

“How To Protect the Family and anything Else You want Protection From”

Most of this came from : Dr Charles F. Stanley

Satan has directed his attack upon homes, lives, you name it ,he has done it. Satan is winning the war to an extent. There are several reasons why he is, because the unbelieving world does not even know that we are in spiritual warfare. What they see is a problem before them, and they want to call this a social issue (problem).

Example: the problem of the American homes. Not knowing what the real problem is, and not knowing who the enemy is, certainly not knowing the end result of what is taking place, they try to solve everything themselves and what they consider a social issue, by finding some social solution’s which always seem to fail.

Now, here’s the dilemma unbelievers face. If you have a spiritual problem and attempt to solve it by finding a solution, it is just wont work. It is like trying to mix oil and water, it won’t mix. So the unbelieving world throws up it’s hands and says this, “Well, we have tried everything and nothing works.” “Why don’t we decide to live together and avoid the marriage ceremony, and the necessity for judges and lawyers when we cannot get along?”

So we have a society that is drifting off and loosing our families and what we hold dear because the best way to deal with the problems of marriage to them is for example: to Discard the God Ordained institution altogether. That’s the world’s natural way of doing what they want, normally viewing spiritual problems as social issues.

We are beginning to compromise the laws of GOD. The Government, lawyers, judges, you name it . It just doesn’t work, Not only is this true of the unbelieving world. It is vastly creeping into the Body of Jesus Christ. We are beginning to compromise the very Laws of GOD Our Father. What is bad Christians are opening doors to their lives to satan the evil ugly mean, lying conniving fallen angel, he is grabbing a stronghold on people and making them believe all his lies, and their disobedience to God.

Christians are actually inviting him into their lives with all the problems of the unbelieving world, broken homes, divorces, anxiety, and alienated affection, stealing, and killing the works from Jesus. They are giving satan an entry into their lives and if they do not stop it they will perish in hell with him.

Here are some results of sin:

  • disobedience

  • rebellion

  • murdering

  • lying

  • drinking

  • cursing

  • watching filth etc.

The rebellion toward God is unbelievably wrong and they know it. It’s like when you told your child not to do something that was wrong, and they do it anyway, that is rebellion, towards what they were told. Same way with God. It’s also happening in the churches as well as the outside of the church. This is one reason why I do not go to church, because there are so many hypocrites, and I do not like to be around that.

One of the problems is that we don’t know what to do about it. And we look at our circumstances, and not up to God. Sad to say satan is winning the battle, and many will not See God and Jesus, it is happening in homes and in our nation, not to mention the government, the white house, senators, representatives, etc.

So many are giving up and they say ” That’s just the way things, go today, everything is all messed up.”

Well let’s see, are you trying to do any better? Are you trying to vote in Christian government, etc.? NO! You get scared or afraid that your words will not be heard, but all you have to do is “Ask Jesus for help to make things better, and right.”

When you hear someone say something like that, you may want to send up a red flag and object, because satan is doing his best to win the battle, and he will if Christians do not stand up for God.

I read or heard somewhere, that people wonder why this world is in such bad shape, and why America has fallen so far down. Do, you know what I was told? ” Billy Copeland said,” The reason why America is falling is, because the corruption is from government and Christians. She said, that God told her one night that if, people would bring God back into their lives and their Government that God will Save America. I do believe those were her correct words. Can you imagine if America would just come back to God? America would be saved from any more wrath of God!

People and the government say that is the way it goes and is. NO IT’S NOT IT’S THE WAY PEOPLE LIKE TO FORGET ABOUT GOD, and Rebells against Him, and just do as they please whether they know it is wrong or not.

The Lord God DID NOT WANT IT THE WAY IT IS IN THIS WORLD, people made this world this way, so Stop fussing about how it has become because the people who ignore God and not welcome Jesus Christ in their lives caused this world to go to corruption.

There are three reasons to Bind the grips of satan, and three purposes for learning how to bind him and his influences in all of our lives. We must however bind him in order to be released from a particular bondage: to be restored to our rightful position in Jesus Christ, and then to restrict satan and his work in our lives. When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we assume through his grace a position in Him.

Paul’s favorite term, which he used to describe everything he believed, was “In Christ Jesus.” When we are settled by faith in Jesus, our position is secure forever. We are all familiar with the command to make disciples of all nations. We are commanded to continue the work of Christ, and we are assured of having the power we need. “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you”. This can be found in Acts 1:8.

There is power available to us that we often overlook which is also described in John 14:12. “He who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; greater works than these shall he do, because I go to the Father“Now abiding in the believer is the Holy Spirit, the “Comforter” who abides in us forever. The believer however has within him a Power sufficient to conquer satan. 1 John 4:4 let’s us know “greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world.”

The Power is available to us to do works even greater than those done by Jesus Christ, if God puts the need for such works before us. You and I are also to be walking in continuing process of doing, fulfilling, carrying out the works of Our Lord, God will do through us what He requires us to do. It is His responsibility to supply the strength and our responsibility to be available to Him.

The main problem allot of people face is pure unbelief. We live in a time when there is very little talk about God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who is within us. We seem to forget that the battles final outcome is accomplishment, that Our Victory is in Christ and it is assured, and that we need only to claim that victory and appropriate that power in Our Daily Lives, from battles with satan. Jesus explained that power in conversation with Simon Peter, which is in Matthew 16:19“There has been allot of confusion about the meaning, but the Greek Words, make it clearer.

Jesus said, “I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and from (Greek) whatsoever shall have already been bound in heaven shall be bound in earth, Whatsoever hath already been loosed in heaven shall be loosed on earth.” Because satan already is and always will be a defeated foe, Jesus triumphed over him at the cross, and the believer can claim victory over him in daily battles. A believer who is in dwelt with the triumphed power of the Holy Spirit has the privilege of exercising a divine authority more powerful than the authority over satan. Through the power of the Holy Spirit ; the believer can bind satan’s influence in another person’s life. We can restore and release someone who has been bound by exercising the higher authority of the Holy Spirit. As a practical matter, though, how can we use this power and this authority to bind influence of satan? What things are absolutely necessary to us if we are to act on the power of the Holy Spirit to bind satan, whether it be in our family or in our nation?

There are 3 things we must have and use:

  • The Name of Jesus Christ

  • The Blood of Jesus

  • The Word of God

The authority over satan is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The protection from satanic power is in the blood of Jesus, and the final authority is in the unchanging Word of God.

The Name of Jesus

Let’s look at the power of the Name of Jesus. The Bible tells us over and over again to pray to Jesus’ Name. John 16:23 tells us ..“if you ask the Father for anything. He will give it to you in My Name.” All through the New Testament, the apostles go about healing and doing the works of the Lord Jesus In the Lord Jesus’ Name. Acts 3:6, Peter declared, “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In The Name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene. Walk!”

The Name Symbol is of Authority, delegated to us by Jesus Christ and available to us, in His physical absence, through the indwelling Holy Spirit. You and I can transact spiritual business, so to speak, by using the currency of the Name of Jesus (Lord Jesus Christ.) But what happens to us if the Holy Spirit is “indwelling us”? Will we ask things for our sake?

No, we will not . The Holy Spirit, living in us after Jesus ascended to the Father, empowers us to ask for the same things Jesus would have asked. We are to act in His stead. When we ask in Jesus’ Name, we are saying to the Father, Jesus would have asked this if He were physically here now.

Let’s be clear on this: God did not intend that the works of the Lord should be done only by preachers. He didn’t limit the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the work of the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ to love one another, to pour out our lives into someone else’s and to bind the work of satan. Can you imagine what would happen to the Church today if believers took God at His word and appropriated the power of the Holy Spirit?

The Blood Of Jesus

The second thing we must do and have in order to bind satan is the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ. We dare not come boldly with satan with out the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Throughout the Scriptures, from the Old Testament Passover examples of protection of the blood against the power of death, to the New Testament crucifixion at Calvary, the shed blood is the symbol of protection and our redemption. We are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice which paid the price of sin and eternity and broke the power of satan.

The Word of God

The third thing we must have is the Word of God. It is the foundation of all that we have been talking about. Through the Word of God we are enabled to see the problems that confront us in the real terms. Look at it this way, satan will always try to distract us from the real problem or problems, making us think that we see things clearly. But what happens is this:

Outside of the Word of God, we see things in temporary terms. We see spiritual problems as social problems, for example, and we then have no hope of finding the real solution.

What did Jesus say to satan in the temptation? He quoted God’s Word in the book of Deuteronomy and said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.” He confronted satan in spirit to spirit combat using the Word of God. Now this is the key to all we have been saying. We must trust and rely on the sharpening of our vision through the lens of the Bible, and we will find the basis for all that we ask.

The power we need to win victory over satan is available to every believer. And we find it in our relationship with Jesus Christ and we guide and harness it through the direction of the Word of God. Every single one of us has the power to deal with satan, by the almighty supernatural power of God. Being in dwelt by the Holy Spirit, we have the right to declare satan bound, his work restricted, and the prisoner set free. Do you have enough courage to allow God to use you to the maximum?

I hope you enjoyed this Article (Devotional) and I pray that you will see just how we can fight back and bind satan and his works, on our families, and friends lives.

Thanks for Reading and May God Bless You and Keep You Always!

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