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Prayer Chat Terms

Welcome to “Prayer Chat” this is a TERMS OF USE agreement! I made the Prayer Chats for anyone to come in and use, at their Own pace or when they feel like they need to pray. This Agreement of Use, is simple and to the point.  I have this because just in case someone comes in and acts as if they are Christians and or needs prayer and they go against what the purpose is.

If, anyone comes in Prayer Chat they must have Respect for others , no name calling, no coming down on anyone, no one Mocking Jesus, no one to make fun of anyone, there is to be no cursing , no hate filled speech spoken at any time. If, there happens to be that person shall and always will be banned from all the Prayer Chats.

You Agree to come and ask for Prayer, whether for yourself, or maybe for a friend, family member, and or OUR PRESIDENT! There shall not be any type of Political chats, this is a PRAYER ROOM CHAT, that is it!

If, anyone whom is a scatter box, and loves to disrupt chats, as they do on FB they will also be banned, and to return no more. There will be close monitoring of who comes in Prayer Chat Rooms. You may choose to go into 3 of 3 The Prayer Chat Rooms, and you will see this before Entrance, before you can enter, you have to Agree to these Terms of Use!

Thank you for coming and Thank you for Praying in Agreement with Others, for their needs and to help bring others to Jesus Christ.

Click If You Agree to the Terms of Use

Click If You Do Not Agree to the Terms of Use